Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Making a quick THANKYOU for a special occasion...

 I had such a busy day yesterday, and so what do i do????
Fit in a quick bit of crafting, of course!
I grabbed my old Sizzix and tried cutting out the letters i needed from scrap felt (acrylic)
I had to enlist the aid of scissors as it wasn't a complete success.
 Colours - random but they work!
I lay them on these felt ribbons as i went.
(felt ribbons in hanks:
 And then quickly sewed straight through them with a DMC 2 skein thread.
Easy, fairly quick.
 And then i added buttons because I DO THAT ya know :)
And popped a tag on the end as i needed to write on something.
They look sooooo much better in the real, honest Guv.
But sometimes you don't want to say 'thankyou'
you wanna say THANK YOU !!!!! x

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  1. This looks great. In my dreams I own a sixxiz machine!