Monday, 24 June 2013

Matroyshka Monologue...

 Ya, i think it's true to say, i have a long standing relationship with all things Matroyshka/ Matroishka/ babushka/ Russian Doll... she is feminine, folky, rural, domestic. Sort of like me :)
 Here is just a small delve into my  photo archives of Russian Doll handmade and crafty items.
The above was a Lavender and Hops filled Pillow with a Lavender hanging doll. I remember selling quite a few of these.
The ribbon at the top has just been listed in my
 Above and below were PinPuffs that i started making - i later modified the design so that they could hang off the sewing machine instead of laying on your work table.
 My first Babushka Christmas Decoration. A small Babushka lady sat in her Ginger House with the Star of Bethlehem above her.
 Then i moved onto sewing these Dolls for Christmas and the first year i sold these, i think i sold hundreds!!

 And these are the slightly smaller current Christmas Dolls. Brighter, to go with my more Neon 2013 theme.
 i have had all sorts of fun and past success with different Matroishka brooches.
Its exciting finding new fabrics online and seeing how i can use the dolls to their best.

 And my NeedleBooks which i have had so much fun designing and making and the Doll has shown up in many ways, many MANY times on the NeedleBooks.
 Feel free to share you Matroyshka projects here in the comments section!


  1. Love the needle books - especially the first one! I have a Russian Doll finger puppet pattern 'in the works'...very cute...if I don't say so myself