Sunday, 9 June 2013

Photo Edits...

Just playing about with a new Photo Edit Programme.
Making some new Webverts... testing them on the blog.
Tell me if i post one you think is really awful - or, even better, stands out nicely!
Ta x
The Felt one needs to be better..... ^^

hmmm, quite pretty...
would look nice as a postcard?

Ha, i quite like the flicked paint grunginess on this one. Its different.


  1. Ooo. The "Handmade Christmas" one is gorgeous..... :-) Followed very closely by the buttons. :-)
    Maybe if you stacked the felts on top of each other? (I do like the last one better....) I think it's that you can see the cardboard core that the felt is rolled on to? It detracts the eye from the beautiful felt colours? :-)

  2. hey Jude - yes, its too boring and too much cardboard in the felt bolts. Agree. Its not my strong point, graphics and stuff! i want them to look 'fun'! i shall continue to play :)