Saturday, 15 June 2013

Work Day Saturday in the 'photography studio'

 Saturday has always been a work day for me. Since way back in my youth when i started with Babysitting Jobs / working in a jewelry store / through to the Wine Shop / and the Children's Home and now my own business. I really don't mind it at all. It frees up so much of my week to go do stuff when everybody else is in their workplaces.
 I had the bonus of professional help today too!
(Not the dog - little monkey that he is)
My sister, also known as: Baby New Potato.
Now, she works in the design / graphic / something like that area
(i have no idea what she does actually but i do get freebies from Superdrug)
But just having a fresh pair of eyes on this lot was great. I have been looking at and selling these buttons for so many years now, i fear my vision is cloudy.
 So, it was makeshift light boxes and mucking about with wee props and lots of tea n cake all day, followed by a dog walk and then a night out. Its the way a Saturday should function.
 Still so many edits to do and STILL so many photos to shoot and re-shoot but it was nice to have company for once. If i could employ minions to do this for me, i probably wouldn't...
Too much of a control freak and its fun!
Happy Buttons everybody!


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