Friday, 19 July 2013

Crafty Things to do with Little people... Rock Pets!

So this was actually a cute kit we bought for pennies at the £1 shop (i think?)
But its so easy and fun to do yourself. You do need paints though - acrylic based paints - yes they stain maybe, but just cover the area OR paint outside AND wear stuff that doesn't matter (in this heat? go naked)
Collect various rocks and paint them a base colour. They might need a few coats....
 Whilst they are drying you can make them a garden on a piece of card or a paper plate.
Draw out their area and then get painting and gluing. Why not use bits from the garden? make it collage-y, kids love that. They love the hunt and gather and make thing.
 Whilst their garden is drying you can go back to the rocks and begin to decorate them. I have clearly failed to do a good close-up of our pebble pets *fail* BUT we used stickers and also stuck on cotton wool to make them fluffy and added googly eyes.
Get a kit together of STUFF that kids can use for crafting whenever the mood grabs you.
Ideal for rainy day 'just incase' projects or if they have a little friend over to play and get a bit tetchy.
Holidays can get very expensive - look to your own home and garden parents!!
you'll be amazed what can become creative if you have a little kit stashed in a cupboard somewhere.
NEXT POST: craft kit contents.... x x x
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