Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Royal Interlude... There was a baby ya know. A UK Royal Heir no less!

 Just a brief 'aside' to bandy about some of the Union Jack stylee photographs that i have been storing the past 2 years...
 Its been a plethora of Red White n Blue for us over, over here in the UK.
 We've had a Royal: Wedding, Jubilee, Coronation remembrance and now a wee baby.
 And we had like the OLYMPICS!!! which the UK enjoyed immensely.
 So there have been alot of this colour going on and CUPCAKES! and cake toppers and crafting and brooches and bunting and just much celebration.
 So, joy be. I wish the succession to the throne was going to be carried through with a female at the helm, but it is what it is. Anybody else been watching "The White Queen" on TV? its passed an evening or 2 although i suspect it to be very VERY far from any actual 'fact' or relation to how they actually lived. They did NOT run around castles, at night, in Winter, barefoot and in nighties. Bbbbrrrrrrr.
 As you were.
 x x x

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