Saturday, 31 August 2013

THE perfect Christmas Ribbons...

 Yes Yes Yes - soak these up Crafty Folk.
I am so happy about these!
 Soft cotton feel with a sort of vintage look about them
 There are lots of the collection to choose from and they alllll mix n match.
I know - its like i think about this - its LIKE i spend a loooong time looking at / deciding / thinking about my customers and what they need / what they could use well (coz i DO you know)
 The best bit is, they are so reasonably priced. £7.90 per reel with 25metres on,
that is practically a wholesale price.
You can pop these on your craft stall at the Christmas Fairs and they will fly off to new homes.
 This collection of all 9 designs would make the sweetest gift wrapping / Christmas Cards...
just £3.20 for 1metre of each. I KNOW!
Anyhow - they are in BigFish and i am about to pop them into the LovePaperFish site too.
Christmas is a coming so get your game face on!
ho ho ho xxx

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