Monday, 30 September 2013

Art n Craft at Evergreen - what's Kirsty been up to?

 What HAVE i been up to? seriously.... lots! 
I love my life when its busy and full. Not 'stressful' ya know but... with a bite!
So, lets start by talking about Saturday... I went in to Evergreen Art Cafe to help introduce my line of Handmade Christmas Goodies. I had a wee table set-up next to my display corner and I had the pleasure of meeting, and talking to, people interested in the beautiful Art and in my products.
 This is the lovely BIO that Simon wrote about me. I appreciate it and that man is a diamond.
If you are local - seriously get yourself down the art cafe. Its a JOY. The coffee is blinding, the food is so good, the staff are lovely, Simon is as mad as a box of frogs and the ART is STUNNING! Its a little haven of Urban Cool nestled in a very small town.
 Back to me though! This is the PaperFish corner - hooya!
i sold a few bits on the day, even though i was apologising, "its a bit early for Christmas i know..."
But those who appreciate handmade and craft know that these are all unique, limited in edition, once they are gone, they are gaaawwwwwn.
 Got a few ribbon spools in there too. How could i not?
I felt proud, people - not going to lie :) 
I think my products look most beautiful when they are altogether like this, on display and complimenting each other. They tell a story. They are the story of my childhood memories, of the books i read and the family i am BLESSED to be a part of. My decorations are a small reminder that Christmas is for joy and thankfulness and the pleasure / privilege of being loved and giving love. 
 I am back at Evergreen (Daventry, Northants) on WEDNESDAY 9th OCT 2013
for the launch of our Crafternoon Teas!
I will also fit another little 'Meet the Maker'in, on a Saturday nearer to Christmas.
Meeting people is the best part of what i do. The end of my creative process is not the Kerching! of a sale, but the meeting of people who enjoy what i do.
 See you soon - i hope!!


  1. Kirsty, your display looks amazing. I am an avid crafter and love handmade decorations, they are very special indeed. My daughter lives near Daventry and we love going into the cafe, it's a real gem. So next time I will make sure we take a look at your fab corner.

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    1. It is good that Kirsty is really taking time to delete some of the comments that are not really helping the other readers. It requires quite a lot of effort to monitor our blogs especially if they have been spammed.