Tuesday, 15 October 2013

FaceBook Status Update....

I am really not a person who feels the need to update The FaceBook every time i sneeze. I see its primary use as spying on people who are dishonest so you can catch them out and confront them next time they lie to you. OR to share lovliness with friends OR read actual interesting articles.... But i posted this and i am sharing it on my blog because it MATTERS TO ME :)

"The kindness of Others.... so, much of F**kbook is full of sh*t. 
This is not sh*t, its really nice: I was really upset and crying this morning. But i had to rush out my house and grab the bin as the Refuse Bin Dudes were outside. They came to help me with the bin (coz they are great like that) and Dude.1. says "hey, whats with the tears?" and i sighed and said "oh, i am dumb. i allowed myself to be used and hurt and now i feel like a worthless human being" 
----- Dude.2 is walking over and he said "no way. d'ya remember when we came to change the bins over and you an your kid came rushing out to us? that was cool, we put your kid in that wheelie bin" *we all laugh* then Truck Dude shouts over "you left us that Christmas Card on the bin and your kid made that biscuit - Davo ate it!" *we all laugh again* my dad comes outside to see whats going on (he was at my house picking up my broken life, as alllllways!) and we all stood round laughing and chatting. 
Then they left and said "you're a nice person".... Dude.2 also said "we'd all DO you" which was like an extra i didn't need, but....
HEY - you give out Love and Laughter throughout your days and somehow it will come back to you when you need it most. And that is pretty much how i see Life working"


  1. its great how the little things we do people actually remember, keep smiling kirsty x

  2. That is the point :) keep on smiling - kindness breeds kindness, its how things work!