Sunday, 20 October 2013

My head is allllllll over the place.... Shop News:

 This time of year is always manic for me. 
I am always spinning a million plates and hoping desperately that the various cracks don't show.
BUT Autumn / Winter 2013 it seems like these cracks are growing. And i am unsure how to stop them from turning into deep crevices and toppling over the edge.
Once again, i find myself at a crossroads and i have been agonising over which fork to take.
In my head, its all so huge that i must sound 'vague' and 'cryptic' but i don't mean to. I am just unsure on how to MANAGE myself right now.
 I think, by writing this blog post, i am attempting to place some order in this chaos.
And also, maybe it will help make myself accountable for my actions. Help give me focus and constructive direction......
SLOWLY, The PaperFish Craft Empire will be getting smaller, and not bigger (as i had once imagined it might) I am hoping to diversify my working self by moving into the professional fitness industry. This is a passion of mine and an area i feel, maybe more comfortable IN, than i do in the Craft Community. Funny that huh? Its a career i have loved and continue to love. I LOVE being in retail. I have never made a secret of that. It appeals to so much of my creativity and personality. 

Personally: i need a change. i need to pursue a different part of me. i need to make a more reliable income for myself. i want to show my daughter a different avenue of being a mum, a woman, a person who earns their money and contributes to society. 

 Professionally: I cannot keep the shops going as they are in their current format. There are too many. They are too diverse. There is too much pressure on me to keep juggling all these parts and, for the past year, i have been 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'. I love working with my customers and i know that money has been tight GLOBALLY. i am part of this economy too. But i cannot keep battling with people who want 'more and more discount' / 'free postage' / 'items flown across the sea in 48hrs'... i do love retail, but i am spent (figuratively and actually!) I LOVE YOU PEOPLES, but i need a break.
SOOooo, blah blah, i hope that all gives some meaning?
What's happening in the shops then.....? 
(this is the current plan and very much subject to change)
1. slowly reducing the diversity of stock that i offer. So, when items are "sold out" in the shop, for many items it will mean "SOLD OUT FOREVER"
2. probably doing away with my handmade items completely. Etsy is changing and i choose not to compete with the mass produced items that are going to flood this market place. I choose to spend my time on a new and different career. One that has a greater appreciation of my skills, perhaps.
3. thinking i will be doing away with all the WOOL FELT just selling the acrylic felt.
4. there will have to be a MEGA SALE at some point?!? i have masses to get rid of....
My advice to you, if you are worried about products you buy from me? Feel free to email me with your concerns, there will still be a huge range of buttons to choose from. Buttons will be my major focus.
Watch this space, i guess!? xxx


  1. Hi Kirsty. I know exactly how you're feeling - I feel like one of those Stretch Armstrong toys (remember the ones where you could pull his arm reeeeeeallllllllly long and tie them up in a knot?) - well, that's me at the moment. I feel like I'm being pulled all over the place. I think it's a combination of things as you say - the time of year, the economy, people constantly trying to undercut blah, blah, blah. But I'm sure you'll get it all sorted out and I really hope that you can find a happy medium. Buttons are GOOD !!!!! xxx

    1. Oh thanks BF :) i also think my personality has alot to answer for! i like to shake things up a bit and now just feels the right time x

  2. Fitness Industry....... that sounds exciting. Will you be keeping a fitness blog? Wishing you luck for your new venture.

  3. Far from sounding all over the place, you sound like you've actually found your niche... I'm really pleased for you. Although just when I'm finally in a position to start buying "pretties" again (after over 3 years of hubby being out of work) again - you go and close down your shops! lol But buttons are good.. buttons are very good! :-D
    All the very best for your future projects, wherever they take you.

  4. You are so kind ladies :) i think i do have a few 'niches'! i just want a full life with lots of experiences!