Friday, 8 November 2013

You lot are ANGELS :)....

 I mean it! you lot are super lovely....
 I have been feeling low and stretched and i have had some really sweet messages from people - and nobody saying "for goodness sake, pull yourself together" which is definitively NOT what i needed. So thank you! I needed some time out to rest and eat and find some energy. 
I am not ashamed to admit when i find life really tough. I don't always want to 'talk about it' but i always try and put it in perspective and find the Smiles!
 So, some angels, just to demonstrate that my life is FULL of angels!
My family, my friends, and even many of you whom i have never met but i appreciate you and your lovely wishes. Please know, i send lovely thoughts and best wishes right back at you.
We used my angel to help illustrate  our Christmas Fair (over Upper Boddington, Northants UK)
Looks sweet hey!? 
 Take Care xxx


  1. Adorable angels :) greets from Poland

  2. To live ones life as a tiger is better than to have lived it as a lamb, blessings and love