Tuesday, 3 December 2013

3inch Wooden Hoops - now available in Bigfish....

 To add to our already brilliant selection of embroidery hoops....
 We are now offering the baby 3inch hoops - good news i feel.
Is anybody else watching The Paradise on Sunday evenings???
Because i can't help feeling the women there are getting away with an awful lot of free behaviours for that period in time, no? Denise could run The Paradise,,,,,,,? would they really have allowed that!?
Hmmmmmm..... ;)


  1. i am getting a little drawn in with it all but im slightly disturbed too by the way they are portraying women of that time! and yay to smaller hoops, will be ordering some of them very soon x

    1. haha - just read this. Those women seem to have more freedoms and opportunities than we do today!!!