Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lets Conclude and Clear PaperFish business for 2013...

 PaperFish = BigFish.etsy & FuzzyFish.etsy & SnowFish.etsy
We are a family of shops that have happily been trading for some years now!
However i FEAR i have rocked and confused the boat a little in the latter part of 2013.
So i would like to categorically clear some things up....
BigFish will continue to sell supplies online. BigFish will be primarily committed to offering the widest choice of buttons but ONLY top quality Buttons and only buttons that i think are exciting and interesting and fabulous. I spend a great deal of time sourcing these buttons and keeping a good chain of supply so i can TRY really hard to meet your 'last minute needs' :)
Its the biggest part of what i do and i want to continue doing this as long as possible.
 FuzzyFish - my beloved felt shop over on etsy and on
I am unsure about the wool felt... still. 
The British Post Office Service have mucked us all about so much i am not sure what they will do next. 
But the Acrylic Felt is by far my best seller and i love it. I love the quality. You, the Crafters, keep coming back for more and more so it will stay for sale until something else in the chain changes. - this will become much neater and easier to use.
many of my UK customers use this as their one-stop shop, so great!!  i am  happy to keep it going if you are all happy to use it also.
Keep an eye on Blog and FB page in January 2014 as i will announce my MEGA SALE DAY!! or sale plans as i have lots of stock to shift that i just don't want to trade anymore. Nothing wrong with the products, i just find that chain of supply too difficult to work with - "making myself more efficient is the plan"
 Craft Wise.... i am still the designer, maker and retailer of all things that i have sold in all the shops. - all the Christmas lovlies... these are still my designs. They are not open to replication or duplication. These are designs that i sell more of in shops and galleries rather than online. Etsy has changed so much - i wonder if there is any room for beautiful handmade designs on Etsy anymore??
 We are being asked to compete with mass-produced items and quite simply, we cannot.
SnowFish  Designs will remain. somewhere. Somehow.
I am still here my friends. I am taking on more work in the Fitness Industry, tis true, but i have room in my life for both. This may all change, of course! But you will all be the first to know.
Thankyou - Thankyou - Thankyou
for being my online friends, my customers, my colleagues, my partners, part of my world.
SO many of you have been here since the very beginning, when all this began and you have deepest heartfelt appreciation.
Have a wonderful break over Christmas. Do Drink. Do Eat. Do make Merry x x x