Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sharing the CICO Books catalogue with you... Craft Book Perfection

 The cover of the catalogue itself is just lush - so inspirational.
This is from Ryland Peter & Small.
I find it hard to sell books in my online shops as i cannot compete with Amazon! But i have LOVED the books i have sold in the past.
 This has to be the most exciting looking book for me ^^ Chloe Owens.
Scroll down a few blog posts from here and you can see a few of the awesome toys she made that were displayed on the Cico Stand at the NEC Birmingham 2014. <<< go here, you'll sigh and cry.
 This 'Letter Art' Book was also very inspirational and doing STUFF with letters is still on trend. <<< and you will thank me muchly for sending you here to Clare Youngs site.
 The fact i rarely have time to quilt ANYthing or sew ANYthing, will not deter me from purchasing yet another quilting book. YUM.
Yes, do go here >>>>>
i have her other books and she just inspires. Beautiful work and 'achievable' not just 'aspirational'.
You want book reviews?
Of course go over to Lupin - love me some Laura Howard
yes, probably my most favourite of all the publications available.
LOVE IT! (Denise Brown)
 Both Above and Below books are the sort of beautiful and inspirational books i like to have.
In my head, my house really does look like this. Let us ignore the nasty see through FRUIT fabric curtains, one set of which is hanging precariously from a broken rail....
 and lastly is "The hand printed Home" - which isn't usually my cuppa tea really.
But this book had lots of smaller craft ideas with some nice easy print techniques and it really caught my eye.
So it's on my list of "yeah, want these"!
Seriously Cico books are my fav ever. They always have THEEeeeee best publications.
I won't even start you on the FOOD! books :) or maybe i will save those for another day.
By the way - these are my own picks and opinions. Nobody has paid me to advertise their stuff ya know.
Its like totes genuine friends x x x

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