Monday, 10 March 2014

Kirsty's amazing face Creme...

This is a small Kilner Jar - i find it easier to store the creme in here. It shuts tight to keep it fresh. It has a wide enough top to allow me to scoop out. You could save an old small plastic pot to keep your creme in? But with this you can make enough to use as a body creme if you'd like.
1. Melt a large scoop of Coconut Oil very gently in the microwave. 
It does not take long to melt!! Melt enough to almost fill whatever pot you have decided to use. I melted approx 3 generous tablespoons of the Coconut Oil.
2. Hand whisk a glug of Olive Oil into the melted Coconut Oil- maybe 1Tablespoon ( i used a mini whisk that looks like a spoon)
2. Then add 1 or 2 drops of your chosen *Essential Oils* and whisk gently.
3. Pour into your jar and leave to set.
Easy - ish..... keep reading....
**Essential Oils**
They each have specific healing properties so please choose one that is GOOD for your skin!
Go and research the Oils in detail ^^ investing in 2 or 3 good quality oils is a great idea as you can use them in any body products you make. make your own room fresheners. Make your own cleaning products!....
I used Jasmine - pricey but i LOVE that smell.
I also added Lavender.
Look up ROSE and CHAMOMILE and SWEET ORANGE - all of these can be used for different skin types: oily, dry, scaly, dull..... choose your bespoke Oils :) Good huh!?
BE AWARE: This is not a sunscreen... i think i am going to have to investigate the best natural sunscreen for my delicate skin. Know of any? leave me a comment, i beg you.
My Skin is very soft and wrinkle reduced for my years (i think)
i still get outbreaks (usually hormonal) on my skin. I suffer with awful digestion (i am working on this!) so my skin reflects this quite often. BUT this creme is my saviour and helps my sore dry patches and i have NO worries about smothering it all over any acne. It has anti-bacterial properties too. 
I just think this is a WIN all over xxx


  1. Flying over on a rainbow! I HAVE to try this... :)

  2. Hi! I had a nosey at your gorgeous blog after seeing a link on that email. I Love coconut oil too and slather it all over me regularly (currently to try and ward off stretch marks from my expanding body!) I thought you'd be interested in this link... See, it's more magic than you thought! :) x Sarah C