Sunday, 6 April 2014

Feeling quite unwell / Starting a Veg Plot / Doing the garden....

A delightful snap of me in the garage, taken by my ever growing Small-Fish (daughter)
We are on the garage floor, potting seeds, and its uncomfortable... but the new shed has not yet arrived and it was the least windy spot we could find.
I'm not feeling well and haven't been for quite some time. This has probably been apparent in my lack of blogging and general non commitment to 'alllll the fun and colour'.
I am hoping this will soon change and i am making small steps towards getting better.
These steps include FINALLY getting my garden cleared up and the veg beds in.
 THIS is my lovely swing - that is getting jet washed next week so i can cover it in delicious Teak Oil! i then have intention to make some yummy seat cushions for it and maybe enjoy a cuppa sat there this Summer!? - Also, check out that shed.... tired (like me) and very weathered. It hasn't survived our tumultuous Winter and is on the road to becoming replaced. My helping hand is coming to pull it down and then lay down a new base READY for its replacement. so excited about that!
 Some of the seeds we started with today... a huge array of different size and shape and varieties of sunflowers! GIANT Americans can get up to 16ft it seems. So these, and their varying cousins, will hopefully fill an entire bed next to the shed. I need these sunflowers in my life. I need to soak in their energy :) i neeeeeed to stop the slugs decimating them and feasting on them before they get a chance to bloom!
 THIS young lady has just been an Angel of late. Helping me with shopping, planting, dog walking, whatever. I have been blessed with this ever-growing sunflower for the past 10years and she makes my awesome life even sunnier.
 This year i am lining my window boxes (and surrounding them with moss for extra prettiness) and in my boxes i shall be growing herbs and salad items. A novel idea for these, usually bloom filled mini beds. I can't wait for their fragrance. 
I am just embarking on a new study course, in Nutrition. So this will compliment my part-time job as a gym instructor. It will also feed my desire to keep learning. I think our latest garden adventures will go hand-in-hand with this nutrition qualification. I just got my Certificate in VIRIDIAN supplement / health advise. SO i need to keep on track and be as healthy as i can be.
I am still here. PaperFish enterprises are still here. The world keeps turning and i am very happy to be a part of it all.

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