Saturday, 19 April 2014

*new* Wool Felt colours... April 2014

HEY Felt Fans...
I am Just re-working the felt sample card so it will have all the new felt colours.
IF you have an older felt sample card you have a choice: ask me for sample of the new colours to add to your existing chart OR... put your big girl pants on and purchase a new chart for the princely sum of £1.00 (i shall let you know when they are ready to go)
 THREE new soft wool felt colours to be going on with:
Top is BUTTERCREAM - a real cupcake cream frosting colour. I love hand sewing with this wool felt. Its so lovely to work with embroidery skeins.
 This Blue is striking! i just cannot photograph these to their best (and PCs all vary anyway, so you see what YOU see and i see what i See, that's just how it is i'm afraid) This blue is like a tropical sea at it's best. that holiday blue. It is flecked so gives great depth of colour.
 Also flecked for depth of natural green, this is PICKLE / RELISH and really is natures green, like a gherkin. yum yum. A definite woodland green for all your natural projects.
 I am hoping to update the site, later this evening.
All the new felt should be up there ready. It is all in the Etsy shop already my friends.

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