Friday, 13 June 2014

So my friend was like " ohhh haven't seen a blog post for a while, Ssssuuup?"

 And i am like "really... well, it's like this......"
FB followers will know i have been getting my new PC up and running.... transferring photographs and documents and all the important stuff. so blogging has taken such a back seat. and that is a shame because i enjoy it and i like a chatter and actually i do have a great deal to share with you!
It's also a time thing.... but HEY! isn't it always, for everybody.
 Shop *NEWS* there are new 1cm Beach Hut stripe colours. Available in the mixed bag of 11 colours AND in 100 bags of a single colour. Great stuff :) also have 2 *new* ribbon mini reels to reveal.
So >>watch this space<< for shop updates.
 Sister's Hen Do - yup. That happend. Photo above. nuff said about that i think ;)
 Veg Beds... well they are up and planted and looking a whole lot fuller than when this was taken!
Asparagus bed is planted out. Only gotta wait 2 or 3 years to see if i made that a success or not. 
Turnips, Carrots, Courgette, Strawberry bed, raspberry and Tayberry canes... and so on.
SO much joy in the veg beds, i cannot tell you.
 Sale items - there are still a few left in the shop and will be ongoing until the last of the last is done.
The shops are still selling steadily and haven't gone anywhere. I cannot guarantee how long i will keep running these for BUT yes, for the forseeable future, we remain PaperFish HQ :)
 Somehow got to start fitting some extra running into my packed regime. I have a half marathon (maybe 2) coming up *gulp!!
I am working 2 days per week (sometimes more) in my gym and LOVING IT. Something else i should tell you all about. I think i am going to start a new blog dedicated purely to the fanatical Health and Fitness side of me. I want to start a new place to play with all the great things i have learned and continue to learn.
I know, I know, like i have so much time for that, hahaha.
I am studying to become a Nutrition Coach alsoooooo and that is exciting but takes up more time, reading and attending webinars. I have been taking control of my own stomach issues and it's going really well.
I actually FEEL BETTER!! can you believe it? it seems my foodie issues are a bit more debilitating than i had guessed. So much food elimination is happening - and a ton of crazy juicing!!! and i am beginning to feel better. This is what i have longed for and worked for, more than anything.
Health & Happiness
It's the foundation of life, from which, great things may SPRING!
So, if you are interested, and still reading, i shall be back.
 x x x

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  1. Hello hello.
    You sound fine and dandy mrs and busy, as always. Hope the little fish (who I bet is not so little now) is doing grand too.