Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Road is not Endless.... a voice of optimism.

I wrote this today for my Facebook Page: 
(some of you may know my 'other job' is a "Health & Happiness Coach")
I am headed more in this direction than i am in my Craft destination. 
Anyway, i thought readers might want to share in this here too.....
The Road is not Endless... Whatever your destination. Be it weightloss / fatloss / fitness / work project / spiritual or emotional journey... wherever it is you are headed, the road can seem to lead on forever. But it is not endless. And it is not impossible. And is worth the journey.
Whenever i feel overwhelmed by the enormity of a task, i have 3 things i do:
1. Acknowledge it. YES this road is long. I see that.
2. Share it. Text / phone / meet a friend and say it out loud "this road seems endless / i am scared i'll never get there / i am not good enough for this" And that friend loves you and knows you are more than good enough and they'll tell you that you are more than capable because they know that you are.
3. I take small moments away from the bigger picture and i find the joy in all the smallest moments of the journey. And those moments are where all the happiness thrives.
The Road is not Endless. And you are more than Good Enough for the journey.

 - my commitment to real homemade 'inspirational quote pictures - 
 - my own commitment to finding a peaceful, happy and health-full life - 
- my commitment to sharing my journey and my voice with anyone who wants to hear - 
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