Monday, 9 March 2015

A Scottie Dog won Crufts!!

This is the day we bought our Scottie home from the Rescue Centre!
He was so nervous and did not want to come too close to anyone.
We gave him a safe place under a unit and left him to find his own place in our crazy little family.
Who would have thought i would own a Scottie Dog!?
i was always keen for a big dog that i could go running with. Having had a Labrador previous i was used to a whole different dog :)))
Anyways - Scottie's have had good press of late...
Walking out the athletes at the Commonwealth Games...
AND 2015 - a lady Scottie Doggy won CRUFTS! Best in Show!!
That is so fun. And now they will probably increase in popularity...
But that worries me as these are very particular dogs with quite sensitive needs.
I hope this doesn't lead to more of these babies abandoned in Shelters hoping for a Rescue family.

We've had a great deal of fun over the years. We have been on many holidays and walked and walked and walked in many fresh and exciting places. It is a privilege to be the human to a Scottie Baby (indeed to any domestic creature)
 AND i even manage to go running with him!!
We think he was waiting for us at The Dogs Trust. He was always destined for us.
He completes us!!
And a Scottie Dog won Crufts 2015!!? well, we are not in the least surprised.

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