Friday, 6 March 2015

New Stock in... getting busy... loving the sunshine!!

Just spent the day unpacking various new orders.
Inevitably they are wrong and not quite right and a little bit sideways but we are all trying to do our best in business, from the manufacturers up to the consumers! 
I have replace the GIANT aqua button with a darker / more greeny teal... NOT that you'd know it form the photography. They all look wildly different to reality, despite my best attempts at photo editing.

And a new *Limited Edition*
Jewel Wool Felt pack - larger A4 sheets x7 heathered / natural looking jewel colours. These are just lush and go so well together. I am happy to offer you these!

And the Sunshine has been just wonderful, so happy to see it, making all my running and walking all the more enjoyable. I have been on lots of sporty adventures and have some really long 40 - 60 mile walks coming up so i am extremely excited about that.
So much to do though still, where do i find the time?
I don't know - but i will! i always do :)
The studio is a very relaxing place to work, listening to my playlists and watching the garden unfold for Spring.
i am 40 - yes FORTY!! next week so i may feel compelled to post a Blog special for y'all.
Read it or not! Tis up to you, but i am here, if you want me xxx

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