Monday, 28 September 2015

So many ribbons...

 Much fun this past week :)
Updating some of the ribbon listings in the shop.
Some of these are the same ribbons for sale but in a new combination.
And some of them are new ribbons entirely!
 I also have a huge job ahead of me, getting all the remnant ribbons cut and folded to sell off in random mix bags. I hope this will make up the bulk of my January sale 2016 - so, watch this space....
 All of the trimmings pictured in groups are how they are listed to sell - because selling ribbon in tiny amounts is not at all cost effective to sell or buy!
I hope you enjoy how i have styled them.
 I bought myself some wee Baker Twine packs too.
I have quite a few crafty plans for this little lot.

 Annnnnd - ever popular... the GB ribbon is still in stock.
God Save the Queen :)

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