Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The secret to becoming Triple Awesome (and taking the rest of the world with you)...

 SO...... This is the thing about Other People.
Quality Other People, that is. 
You know, those few people in your life who really make you feel more than your best.

The AMAZING thing about having someone awesome in your life is this..... some people wrongly think that, having someone awesome in their life, will make THEM less awesome. Like there is limit on the level of awesome that is possible in one place. Like one is always a bit more awesome than the other.
But this is soooo untrue.
When 2 people are awesome together they become TRIPLE awesome becaaauuuussse YOU = awesome + THEM = awesome means you are a double awesome team together but still also awesome as an individual. That, my friends, is how you become triple awesome.
So, imagine what would happen if you - YOU! took all that 'awesome' and started spreading it further?
That feeling. That positivity. That smile. That wonderful sense of being worthy and being You... imagine if that spread... Cool huh? x x x 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The SALE Date... for 2014

I announce the SALE DATE for 2014
I have lots of oddments and and discontinued stock to get moving.
I cannot tell you what is IN the sale becausssssssse, i don't know yet!
But i am really going hard on the £1 and £2 items as i need to make some room and tidy up the studio.
Quite possibly i will be mixing up some surprise embellishment bags for all the smallest bits n pieces.
Maybe going to get rid of allllll the teeny tiny felt balls.
All items will be listed in 
i THANK you x x x