Saturday, 27 July 2013

(back to business) KIDS Craft box essentials... what to keep in your tub:

This is The Child's Craft Cupboard. And you would be wrong to think "you are so generous Kirsty, to give her such space to herself"... No. because i have rooooooms not just a cupboard! all to myself. So i am very not generous :)
 what to keep in the essentials tub:
Paint brushes and Paints - these small tubs are good quality and very cheap and help to keep mess a minimum. £2 maybe from a cheapo bookstore.
Cotton wool pads - for dabbing in paint or using as animal fluff.
I love a box of stamps n ink - not essential but stops her from using mine.
 An extra tin full of collected stickers - great for making cards and collages
I have heard adults say (put on stoopid adult voice) "errrrmmmm i don't agree with stickers. It curbs a child's natural instincts for creativity and imagination".... seriously, what!? get over yourself adult. Stop censoring the children. Let them be. Kids LOVE stickers. fact.
 2 different glues. A glue-stick for paper. A white glue for sticking stuffffff and makes a great varnish when dry.
Bits of ribbon.
Licky back paper or generally scraps of used wrapping paper / old cards to cut up and stick down.
 Gooooooogly eyes - self explanatory. Hello!? GOOOOOGGGLLYY EYES! stick em on your head.
^^ BEST thing ever are these wooden coffee stirrers from coffee shops. I swear i have bred a monster... Daughter came back from cheerleading camp BEAMING smile and a cheeky chuckle:
"we had our break in the Cafe mumma!!!!"
me: "yeeees"
Daughter *opens up bag with wide grin* and inside are a million stolen coffee stirrers. ya, we love them.
Great for mixing glue and paint or making models....
 Tub, nothing fancy schmancy. This is an old Persil Washing tabs tub that we have used for years.
ps NOT photo'd are pipecleaners - we also love pipecleaners.
 Other handy stuff.... a tub of beads! truly an instant craft hit. 
We like to thread ours onto pipecleaners rather then ribbon or elastic because they are easier to hold on to, less likely to drop the end and lose the beads. Daughter is quite buttery fingered so we find it helps :)
 And a good ole fashioned Flower Press:
Scour the garden (time killed + nature + outdoors = mummy bonus points)
Then flatten what you find.
A million times asked "are they ready yet"  every 5 mins for 4 hours...
Then, days later, when they least expect and you have all forgotten about the flower press, they are bored and you suddenly say "HEY..... remember we put that stuff IN the flower press????...." and cue impromptu activity.
Then make a nice gardeny collage using the flat stuff. win, win, win.
Children + Crafting is probably what i do best :)
have FUN xxx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Royal Interlude... There was a baby ya know. A UK Royal Heir no less!

 Just a brief 'aside' to bandy about some of the Union Jack stylee photographs that i have been storing the past 2 years...
 Its been a plethora of Red White n Blue for us over, over here in the UK.
 We've had a Royal: Wedding, Jubilee, Coronation remembrance and now a wee baby.
 And we had like the OLYMPICS!!! which the UK enjoyed immensely.
 So there have been alot of this colour going on and CUPCAKES! and cake toppers and crafting and brooches and bunting and just much celebration.
 So, joy be. I wish the succession to the throne was going to be carried through with a female at the helm, but it is what it is. Anybody else been watching "The White Queen" on TV? its passed an evening or 2 although i suspect it to be very VERY far from any actual 'fact' or relation to how they actually lived. They did NOT run around castles, at night, in Winter, barefoot and in nighties. Bbbbrrrrrrr.
 As you were.
 x x x

Friday, 19 July 2013

Crafty Things to do with Little people... Rock Pets!

So this was actually a cute kit we bought for pennies at the £1 shop (i think?)
But its so easy and fun to do yourself. You do need paints though - acrylic based paints - yes they stain maybe, but just cover the area OR paint outside AND wear stuff that doesn't matter (in this heat? go naked)
Collect various rocks and paint them a base colour. They might need a few coats....
 Whilst they are drying you can make them a garden on a piece of card or a paper plate.
Draw out their area and then get painting and gluing. Why not use bits from the garden? make it collage-y, kids love that. They love the hunt and gather and make thing.
 Whilst their garden is drying you can go back to the rocks and begin to decorate them. I have clearly failed to do a good close-up of our pebble pets *fail* BUT we used stickers and also stuck on cotton wool to make them fluffy and added googly eyes.
Get a kit together of STUFF that kids can use for crafting whenever the mood grabs you.
Ideal for rainy day 'just incase' projects or if they have a little friend over to play and get a bit tetchy.
Holidays can get very expensive - look to your own home and garden parents!!
you'll be amazed what can become creative if you have a little kit stashed in a cupboard somewhere.
NEXT POST: craft kit contents.... x x x
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Sunday, 14 July 2013

50 Button Projects....

Button Crafts
Lovely Blog stumble and i am all inspired now.
I especially love all these embroidery hoop ideas using buttons,
Like this one :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

"The Daily Button"...

This is a NEW FaceBook Group.
We hope its going to be filled with everybody's Button stories / links / products / crafts / ideas / questions... why not join in? 

Crafty Updates for the shops... Fabric SALE the weekend....

 SO.... over the past few years these Victoriana Trims have been popular.
They are coming to their end though. I get fed up of looking at the same stuff in my shops and i wonder if you guys do too? SO they are sold in a pack of 3. til they are gone....
Shop LINK:
Queen of Hearts Trim - this will be stocked at least into 2014 - its new to my shop so let us see what they demand is for Alice-esque / Royal themed products.
Yeeeha. There has been some interest here from the FaceBook Folks.
This weekend i will list packs of sale fabric which will include Matroyshkas and fun Japanese prints.
Maybe even a few of the Cath Kidston packs from before?
 Yes - a dog has been near them, so allergy sufferers best not apply (sorry but he is too cute to shoooo out of the studio) will have all the fabric packs.
So... enjoy x

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Crafting Elderflower & Lemon Cordial... the taste of Summer!

 It is everything about the process involved that makes this so awesome.
And there is a beautiful healthful drink at the end of it...come on!
 Saturday morning, we walked the dog (Mr Baggins) and scoured our local hedgerows for the freshest most bloomful Elderflowers. The child was in charge of bucket holding and cutting (!)
I was in control of the dog and overseeing entire operations.
 We poured a few litres of hot water directly onto the flower heads in the bucket.
We stirred in a few bags of sugar till they dissolved.
And then added the juice and all cut up pieces of some lemons and oranges and the odd lime.
Oh, and Citric Acid. (must buy some more, stock is now depleted...)
And that lots sat in the kitchen til Monday afternoon.
THEN we mashed it all up and began the sticky 'back step' process of straining all that fine nectar.
I strain it through a sieve and a muslin mesh as its full of little thunderbugs and other hedgerow creatures. dead and done with. 
Its sticky and laborious and joyous :)
We funneled that lot into bottles from the vast store in the garage.
AND added the juice of 1 or 2 lemons to each bottle also. We like it tart! we like it to bite back a little bit...
Then we freeze as many as the freezer will allow. 
We serve ICE cold - with ICE! and FIZZY WATER.
yum yum yum and that is all that is to be said, other than:
"crazy country witch!" yep, that's me :)