Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vintage Bug Buttons... and other pretty stuffs!

 So... the manufacturer of these pretty tiny spotty buttons, they are having a change about and i think they are stopping / replacing many of their colours. Booo because the previous 'Love Bugs' were just stunning. But Huzzah! too, because the new colours are pretty, in their own way.
 These are now "Vintage Bugs" because the colours are softer and muted: blk, grey, vanilla, strawberry, lichen, sky blue... super happy and still 240 per bag.
 These 6 buttons are newly listed too.
You know i am an addict for the bright and bold but i do get requests for softer pastel shades so i make an attempt to stock these too. They are very pretty, don't mistake me, they just aren't colours i use
- viva la difference!! an all that.
 in we have 2 new bias binds in stunning prints. I am in love and wish i could cover my house in new bunting LOVE. esp, that grey one on the right - LOVE.
 And still in the etsy PFish shop, i am listing some ribbons - i might put alllllll the ribbon stock into that shop? free up some more eye space for new buttons in BigFish??? but it is a big job.
And still addicted to making new NeedleBooks :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

SnowFish Felt Owls...

 Seriously.... i have worked for YEARS with various 'Owl Prototypes' sprawled across my desk.
I have never come together with a pattern that i like or that iam happy with or had sufficient 'Owlyness' to it to be satisfying. THEN, a fabulous combination hit at the right time and i found it.
 I live in "Owl End Way" so, owls feature heavily in my home and garden - i could not put off this niggly need to produce a Christmas Owl Deco any longer.
I went - bigger!
I added - Feet!
and somehow that is what made the world of difference.
 There are 4 Owls in the family. Eddie is still in the workshop (Grey n Yellow)
meanwhile meet:
Oscar = Blue n Red
Ella = Pink n Yellow
Penny = Brown n Pink
 i hope you like!? i hope you agree, they have a 'Woly-ness' to them now that is acceptable for an Owl.
I have no idea how SnowFish will fare this Christmas. Recessive times means superfluous spending is at a minimum. We shall see... i couldn't stop designing, creating, making though. It is compulsive in me.
This Owl is testimony to that - it has been itching my imagination for years!! 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

£1 Fun Sales...

 Postage prices have gone up.
It was horrible and painful - what are the overseas customers going to say when they SEE those postage prices?? *sigh* i have taken the price of 1 or 2 items a little leaner to try and compensate but it still feels so nasty.
 The only way i could think of to add a bit of fun and soften the blow...
was to add occasional and 'sudden' flurries of £1 sale bags.
I am going to move even further into bulk selling rather than the smaller quantities so i need to move bits on.
I also thought it might prove to be good bits of Promo... Buttons at a single golden £1 just for fun.
 So, if you are popping over to the shop (BigFish primarily) for any button / ribbon stashing then have a quick scour through some other pages as i will be secreting cool £1 offers over the next few weeks.
Now, it is hailing heavily outside so i am cozying up and sewing some cute owls for the SnowFish shop.
Show n Tell later???

Monday, 14 May 2012

We made it! Tough Mudder UK hoooora!

oh my - an entire day spent starring in our own crazy Action Hero Film! Terrifying and awesome. I still have all 4 major limbs...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Postage Increase...

 I am still umm-ing and ahhh-ing over the best way to deal with this price increase.
In the case of the UK it has been pretty easy - everything is £3.00 to send now, within the UK so no matter how small or large, £3.00 is your postage fee. I think that seems fair for Post and Packaging but if you have a large parcel worth over £40.00 - it is still free via
 But Europe! and the WORLD!?
My how they have hiked high.
Do i set a standard fee as £5.00 for the whole of the world? then bite the bullet and swallow up the lost postage on items over 250g - because buttons weigh alot! and most parcels easily sore over 250g....
do i set the minimum charge as £4.20 and go up in increments of 60p per item?
It is a nasty one.
But we in the UK still have relatively low postage compared to many other Euro countries.
I am mostly worried about the effect this is going to have on my overseas customers - of which is approx. 50% of my business.
Things will have to change. Prices will have to rise a little.
Sorry folks but i hope you understand? and many of you are in the same boat as me as you sell your pretties online. What are your thoughts? strategies?
 x x x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Guess who's back... Union Jack Buttons!!

 OMG.... oh my.... they were gone for so long!
and i wanted them soooo bad.....
But breathe..... they are back in the shop.
£3.25 for the pack of mini union jack buttons.
p.s. - POSTAGE will be going up, in every shop, over the next 2 weeks...
International and UK xxx