Friday, 19 December 2014

I am loving feathers right now (along with my moths....)

Symbolism of feathers often refers to ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane" 
...maybe i am on a spiritual journey?
I'm ready for the ride if that is true!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Wednesday 5th November is SALE DAY!

I know, I know, I never write, I never call, I never Blog.
I am a disappointment more to myself than to anyone else.
I would be quite happy just taking photographs and never adding any words!

But, i am having a 15% off SALE DAY
and it will be on Wednesday 5th November
so the COUPON CODE at checkout is......
I am still here you know.
I am still working.
I am still sewing and being happy. I just try to spend far less time at my PC
and far more time outside in the fresh air or gym-ing, getting strooooong.
Or working at my other part-time job. Or with my child.
Or reading books and other peoples lovely blogs :)

Friday, 26 September 2014

SALE weekend - in the FUZZYFISH FELT shop :)

just write this is the checkout coupon box

 and get all your stash ready for the Christmas sewing storm
(love me a bit of Christmas)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

How me and my Girl UPCYCLED this desk...

Poooootling past the local TIP during the Summer....
okay, it was a deliberately planned "Let's go home this way and OH look let's pop into the tip" kind of a trip out....
We stumbled upon this smelly Desk / Bureau.
 Daughter is need of a such a thing. We have outgrown the cute little school desk that has served us so well till now (stifled Sob) and our bottoms no longer fit that tiny wooden chair.
 We had a late warm day and decided to go for the project.
We tried EVERYthing to get all the varnish off. Nitromors is quite simply rubbish today, compared yesteryears when it was properly toxic and useful and DID the job.
We sandpapered til our hands were wrecked.... 
But we had to gloss it in the end. Not ideal (toxic smelly paint) but we are so impatient the pair of us.
 I had a lovely grey/blue in the garage... and we set to.
Daughter chose to replace the handles (we had to, they were missing and/or not good enough to keep) with wooden round knobs that she decided to spray paint red. I was unsure of the colour choice but this was her project. 
 Stupidly, this object then had to be left outside - we couldn't move it! it was glossed. and all the tiny shitty flies and bugs attached themselves to the sticky paint like moths to a flame. 
And then it rained.... so i tried to cover it with a large 'wheelbarrow liner bag' (gardeners will know what i am talking about) and i had to 'prop' it up so the bag didn't touch the wet gloss.... you can see i had made an entire HASH of getting this thing completed. 
 Well, fast forward about 4 days... and guess what?
It remained safe from the rain.
The Gloss dried(ish)
The flies wiped off - and left no fly fluid stains!
And my dad popped down to help me locate it.
We hadn't even measured if it fitted the space... YES! i know, i fly by the seat of pants.
It fitted - with a breath each side to spare.
And it looks awesome, hello!!??!! is that not fantastic?
My girl is 10yrs old - it's like her dream desk.
All those little pigeon holes! :)
So, i was lucky... this whole thing went horribly wrong at every stage.
And here it is, in locus, sitting pretty and everything about it is so right.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cookies (Paleo - if you are into that way of eating)

 Some munchie cookies.... 
IF you have no idea what a 'Paleo' way of eating is, do not worry. the idea of these cookies is that they avoid Gluten & Wheat & Dairy & High Sugar. They are not a 'diet treat' as they still have calories and fat BUT they are a very nutritious version of cookie. If i am going to treat myself i like to have a 'maximal nutrition' mantra. I intend that, the food i eat, be as nutritious and nourishing as possible without becoming a bit of a bore about it all.
 Second thing to note is: IF you do not already cook and eat in this way, then some of these ingredients might seem a little odd. Cooking in this way means cupboards full of non-standard baking ingredients. It also means a longer list of ingredients. And this is what people are talking about when they say ' A Way of Life' rather than a temporary 'Diet'. 
(i am happy to share some AWESOME websites where you can read more, just say)
This recipe is adapted by me from many similar floating around the interweb...

Heat oven to 170/180C

1/2 cup (i love cooking by the American cup stystem) Coconut oil, melted
1/2 cup softened Almond Butter (Peanut Butter if you choose)
1 or 2 Tablespoon Soft Brown Sugar (it needs some sugar)
1 egg
1 + 1/2 cups Almond Flour (i blitz my own almonds in a blender)
1/2 cup blitzed walnuts - so they are all broken down into a sand texture)
1/2 cup mixed seeds
 - I also added Flaxseed as i had some
Sprinkle of cinnamon / mixed spice if you choose
1/4 tspoon bicarb soda
1/4 tspoon cream of tartar (baking powder if you have no allergies or choose to)
A scattering of chocolate chips (non dairy if u want but good quality)

I mixed all these together in a bowl, adding 1 ingredient at a time.
CHILL in fridge for 20mins - yes, do this part.
Then bake on a greased parchment paper on a biscuit tray.
I use an ice-cream scoop to get all my cookies the same size - flatten them a little before you bake them but keep them a bit chunky :)
Bake for 8 - 10 mins - then allow them to cool on a tray before devouring.

And, because i am seeking comfort today, i ate these with a big pot of Chai (sweet spiced tea)
and this is a high sugar kind of a blow out day for me!! The less sugar i consume, the less sugar i consume.... and this is the lifelong journey of health that i appear to find myself travelling down....

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Road is not Endless.... a voice of optimism.

I wrote this today for my Facebook Page: 
(some of you may know my 'other job' is a "Health & Happiness Coach")
I am headed more in this direction than i am in my Craft destination. 
Anyway, i thought readers might want to share in this here too.....
The Road is not Endless... Whatever your destination. Be it weightloss / fatloss / fitness / work project / spiritual or emotional journey... wherever it is you are headed, the road can seem to lead on forever. But it is not endless. And it is not impossible. And is worth the journey.
Whenever i feel overwhelmed by the enormity of a task, i have 3 things i do:
1. Acknowledge it. YES this road is long. I see that.
2. Share it. Text / phone / meet a friend and say it out loud "this road seems endless / i am scared i'll never get there / i am not good enough for this" And that friend loves you and knows you are more than good enough and they'll tell you that you are more than capable because they know that you are.
3. I take small moments away from the bigger picture and i find the joy in all the smallest moments of the journey. And those moments are where all the happiness thrives.
The Road is not Endless. And you are more than Good Enough for the journey.

 - my commitment to real homemade 'inspirational quote pictures - 
 - my own commitment to finding a peaceful, happy and health-full life - 
- my commitment to sharing my journey and my voice with anyone who wants to hear - 
 x x x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Meandering with Moths....

Sooooo, i was perusing my friend Lupin's Blog and noticed she has squirrelled some MOTH fabric by Jessica Swift! (covert covert, if i lived any closer to Laura Howard we'd be in a fight over this before long)

Luckily i have found an online UK shop clever enough to have this in stock.
But, then i thought how much i had been collecting a Moth obsession for a while and it is theeeeese beauties i really go ga-ga over.
 I know they freak some people out but the minute detail in these soft fabric babies are so delicate - like real moths, if you ever dare to look beyond their greediness for your clothes and actually find how amazing they are.
Enjoy. Indulge!
(maybe i shall start a collection for real? A "Cloth Moth Collection" if you please) - the above two moths - this creator is mind blowing!!!
Her stock is sold out right now but i have my eye on her. 
Pretty Moth Print whilst i am linking loveliness on my travels

Master of the Moths?...Mr Finch
go here, you won't regret it.....
i think what is also so appealing is how these artists really use the amazing fabric scraps they find, to make the most of the moth details. That takes time and inspiration and large hoarding of STUFF :)

Friday, 13 June 2014

So my friend was like " ohhh haven't seen a blog post for a while, Ssssuuup?"

 And i am like "really... well, it's like this......"
FB followers will know i have been getting my new PC up and running.... transferring photographs and documents and all the important stuff. so blogging has taken such a back seat. and that is a shame because i enjoy it and i like a chatter and actually i do have a great deal to share with you!
It's also a time thing.... but HEY! isn't it always, for everybody.
 Shop *NEWS* there are new 1cm Beach Hut stripe colours. Available in the mixed bag of 11 colours AND in 100 bags of a single colour. Great stuff :) also have 2 *new* ribbon mini reels to reveal.
So >>watch this space<< for shop updates.
 Sister's Hen Do - yup. That happend. Photo above. nuff said about that i think ;)
 Veg Beds... well they are up and planted and looking a whole lot fuller than when this was taken!
Asparagus bed is planted out. Only gotta wait 2 or 3 years to see if i made that a success or not. 
Turnips, Carrots, Courgette, Strawberry bed, raspberry and Tayberry canes... and so on.
SO much joy in the veg beds, i cannot tell you.
 Sale items - there are still a few left in the shop and will be ongoing until the last of the last is done.
The shops are still selling steadily and haven't gone anywhere. I cannot guarantee how long i will keep running these for BUT yes, for the forseeable future, we remain PaperFish HQ :)
 Somehow got to start fitting some extra running into my packed regime. I have a half marathon (maybe 2) coming up *gulp!!
I am working 2 days per week (sometimes more) in my gym and LOVING IT. Something else i should tell you all about. I think i am going to start a new blog dedicated purely to the fanatical Health and Fitness side of me. I want to start a new place to play with all the great things i have learned and continue to learn.
I know, I know, like i have so much time for that, hahaha.
I am studying to become a Nutrition Coach alsoooooo and that is exciting but takes up more time, reading and attending webinars. I have been taking control of my own stomach issues and it's going really well.
I actually FEEL BETTER!! can you believe it? it seems my foodie issues are a bit more debilitating than i had guessed. So much food elimination is happening - and a ton of crazy juicing!!! and i am beginning to feel better. This is what i have longed for and worked for, more than anything.
Health & Happiness
It's the foundation of life, from which, great things may SPRING!
So, if you are interested, and still reading, i shall be back.
 x x x

Saturday, 19 April 2014

*new* Wool Felt colours... April 2014

HEY Felt Fans...
I am Just re-working the felt sample card so it will have all the new felt colours.
IF you have an older felt sample card you have a choice: ask me for sample of the new colours to add to your existing chart OR... put your big girl pants on and purchase a new chart for the princely sum of £1.00 (i shall let you know when they are ready to go)
 THREE new soft wool felt colours to be going on with:
Top is BUTTERCREAM - a real cupcake cream frosting colour. I love hand sewing with this wool felt. Its so lovely to work with embroidery skeins.
 This Blue is striking! i just cannot photograph these to their best (and PCs all vary anyway, so you see what YOU see and i see what i See, that's just how it is i'm afraid) This blue is like a tropical sea at it's best. that holiday blue. It is flecked so gives great depth of colour.
 Also flecked for depth of natural green, this is PICKLE / RELISH and really is natures green, like a gherkin. yum yum. A definite woodland green for all your natural projects.
 I am hoping to update the site, later this evening.
All the new felt should be up there ready. It is all in the Etsy shop already my friends.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Feeling quite unwell / Starting a Veg Plot / Doing the garden....

A delightful snap of me in the garage, taken by my ever growing Small-Fish (daughter)
We are on the garage floor, potting seeds, and its uncomfortable... but the new shed has not yet arrived and it was the least windy spot we could find.
I'm not feeling well and haven't been for quite some time. This has probably been apparent in my lack of blogging and general non commitment to 'alllll the fun and colour'.
I am hoping this will soon change and i am making small steps towards getting better.
These steps include FINALLY getting my garden cleared up and the veg beds in.
 THIS is my lovely swing - that is getting jet washed next week so i can cover it in delicious Teak Oil! i then have intention to make some yummy seat cushions for it and maybe enjoy a cuppa sat there this Summer!? - Also, check out that shed.... tired (like me) and very weathered. It hasn't survived our tumultuous Winter and is on the road to becoming replaced. My helping hand is coming to pull it down and then lay down a new base READY for its replacement. so excited about that!
 Some of the seeds we started with today... a huge array of different size and shape and varieties of sunflowers! GIANT Americans can get up to 16ft it seems. So these, and their varying cousins, will hopefully fill an entire bed next to the shed. I need these sunflowers in my life. I need to soak in their energy :) i neeeeeed to stop the slugs decimating them and feasting on them before they get a chance to bloom!
 THIS young lady has just been an Angel of late. Helping me with shopping, planting, dog walking, whatever. I have been blessed with this ever-growing sunflower for the past 10years and she makes my awesome life even sunnier.
 This year i am lining my window boxes (and surrounding them with moss for extra prettiness) and in my boxes i shall be growing herbs and salad items. A novel idea for these, usually bloom filled mini beds. I can't wait for their fragrance. 
I am just embarking on a new study course, in Nutrition. So this will compliment my part-time job as a gym instructor. It will also feed my desire to keep learning. I think our latest garden adventures will go hand-in-hand with this nutrition qualification. I just got my Certificate in VIRIDIAN supplement / health advise. SO i need to keep on track and be as healthy as i can be.
I am still here. PaperFish enterprises are still here. The world keeps turning and i am very happy to be a part of it all.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Kirsty's amazing face Creme...

This is a small Kilner Jar - i find it easier to store the creme in here. It shuts tight to keep it fresh. It has a wide enough top to allow me to scoop out. You could save an old small plastic pot to keep your creme in? But with this you can make enough to use as a body creme if you'd like.
1. Melt a large scoop of Coconut Oil very gently in the microwave. 
It does not take long to melt!! Melt enough to almost fill whatever pot you have decided to use. I melted approx 3 generous tablespoons of the Coconut Oil.
2. Hand whisk a glug of Olive Oil into the melted Coconut Oil- maybe 1Tablespoon ( i used a mini whisk that looks like a spoon)
2. Then add 1 or 2 drops of your chosen *Essential Oils* and whisk gently.
3. Pour into your jar and leave to set.
Easy - ish..... keep reading....
**Essential Oils**
They each have specific healing properties so please choose one that is GOOD for your skin!
Go and research the Oils in detail ^^ investing in 2 or 3 good quality oils is a great idea as you can use them in any body products you make. make your own room fresheners. Make your own cleaning products!....
I used Jasmine - pricey but i LOVE that smell.
I also added Lavender.
Look up ROSE and CHAMOMILE and SWEET ORANGE - all of these can be used for different skin types: oily, dry, scaly, dull..... choose your bespoke Oils :) Good huh!?
BE AWARE: This is not a sunscreen... i think i am going to have to investigate the best natural sunscreen for my delicate skin. Know of any? leave me a comment, i beg you.
My Skin is very soft and wrinkle reduced for my years (i think)
i still get outbreaks (usually hormonal) on my skin. I suffer with awful digestion (i am working on this!) so my skin reflects this quite often. BUT this creme is my saviour and helps my sore dry patches and i have NO worries about smothering it all over any acne. It has anti-bacterial properties too. 
I just think this is a WIN all over xxx