Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The ACTUAL secret to happiness, most of the time...

 Hello - this is a personal post from the inside depths of me. me. me.
This doesn't happen so often on my blog anymore. People have taken advantage of who i am and what i offer of myself in the way of communication and honesty and openness. It has made it very difficult for me to 'share' who i am and what i do and what i enjoy. But this is a post i have to write. I want to share with people, with women, what i know about the secret of happiness. Because i feel, right now, at this moment, i know it. i KNOW it.
 I am a very ordinary person with all the daily worries and anxieties of anybody else.
I value the same things and i work toward the same securities. 
My loved Ones become very ill. My child struggles. My friends need support. My bank balance causes me sleepless nights. Awful negative people invade my time and my privacy. I feel unsafe. I worry for the future...
 and i wake up every day and think "i am happy" 
i do not mean deliriously happy in a 'so what!?' // 'Mary Poppins' //  'oh look at the Spring Flowers' kind of a way. I mean that i have an inner sense of happiness that tells me:
 "This part of your life is AWFUL right now. But you are OK"
and what does this secret of happiness allow me to do?
- it allows me to love my family and let them love me back
 - it allows me to be a friend and have great friends
 - it allows me to exercise my body to the maximum
 - it allows me to enjoy all the foods i wanna eat and stay healthy (truly it DOES)
 - it allows me to work hard and then a bit harder
 - it allows me to ask for support. ASK FOR HELP.
 - it allows me to be supportive to others
  - it allows me to laugh - actually often!
 - it allows me to be every aspect of myself that i have ever ever ever wanted to be...
Are you intrigued?
The actual secret to happiness - to being really content and happy, almost all of the time is:
[[ self respect ]]
To respect yourself inside and outside. To love yourself if you want to, if you can.
But to value and respect you, your rights, your mind, your body, your feelings, your thoughts, your woes, your joys. To respect that you are as important as every other person you meet. You will always be strong - even and especially when you are alone if you can learn to have: total respect for you.
Let your happiness begin.

Pretty Felt Fancies for your Crafty Embellishments and other colourful craftiness!

 So... after a request, i have made up some amazing bags of 2.5inch squared wool felts.
Over 75 pieces in each bag of FELT FANCIES and almost all are different colours, there may be the odd double.
 So much fun for small projects / patchworking / kids clubs / embellishments.
I love all the subtle shades - you'll never be without that exact colour you need.
 And above are these lush flowers. These retail at over £6.50 per metre in other haberdashers but i am putting some in the shop at a discount £3.90 per metre. Love these. 
And finally more colour to dazzle you with.
Premature neon stars for the SnowFish shop.
So. much. COLOUR!!!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Meanwhile... Canada is pretty awesome!

 So, JULY 1st i believe is CANADA DAY
But currently, i am allllll about Canada, every day!!
 having visited in March and met a few lovely people.
 And i wanted to make some lovely Maple Leaf decorations for me and a few friends.
I made a few extra and they are in the:
You can save it til Christmas and celebrate your Canadian family and friends by hanging this yummy deco on your tree. On use it for Canada Day.
I think i have about 4 in the shop - i had to make a few for the many people i know with Canada LURVE going on. Its a pretty nice Country but a biatch of a 7/8 hour flight backwards.
"wish you were closer Canada!!" x x x

Friday, 19 April 2013

Make a Foxy n Badger Kit... Wool Felt Sewing.

 so, me and the 9yr old decided to make the FOXY from this kit.
To be honest, she isn't so patient and i did most of it BUT i think a more attentive 9 / 10yr old could cope with this given help.
 Lovely softest wool felt in perfect colours.
You may remember i made my girl a foxy cushion a few months ago?
well this foxy is now on the bed keeping it company.
 I am TERRIBLE at fllowing patterns and instructions. I have no idea - its like maths to me.
Does. not. compute.
But luckily, once i just cut out all the pieces and started putting them together it was very easy and i didn't need to read the directions much.
 We skipped the 'round bottom' that would make foxy stand up as we wanted a cuddly fella.
What do you think? 
Of course, had i free reign, i would have gone mad on adding buttons and details but the Girl is a stickler for the picture. her ONE concessions being a yellow scarf swap around.
hello Foxy, welcome to our home! x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mini Matroyshka! Christmas, i know, who cares?...

OOOoooOOOoooohhhhh pretty ladies....
 Added to the SnowFish shop for a little colour and Frivolity.
I am loving this wee dolly design. 
 What else can i make with it.... pillow case? 
I have a 'get stuff done' attitude on me right now.
No messin'! The time is now.
Hooya x x x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Would you Like a small irregular sewing job that pays peanuts and asks for the world in return?

I am an independent Designer / Maker / Retailer.
I am looking for a clever somebody who will help me sew my intricate Christmas Decorations.

Contact Kirsty:
No pressure – we can just discuss whether this work is something that would suit your time / skills / lifestyle.

Decorations can be seen here:

Other Online retail:

     -       Must live near me in Daventry / surrounding villages Area

-      Sewing very small, fiddly pieces.
-      Must have own sewing machine.
-      You will work from your own NON SMOKING home.
-      Work is occasional and irregular and paid ‘by piece’ ranging from 50p per item upwards.
-      Do as much or as little as you want.
-       These are fun projects but this job won’t make you a millionaire. You are responsible for your own tax and insurance.

sorry if you have applied before and not been given a trial - i am open to hearing from you but location is key as well as abilities. Thanks so much.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

In crafty celebration of the arrival of SPRING!! at last...

If you are making nice things for Spring - please share them with us!
We want to see... x x x 
enjoy the SUN :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Do you write Craft Tutorials professionally? Need a Supplies Sponsor? read on...


Here’s the skinny....
1.      If you have a tutorial for a craft project then you can ask me to part sponsor by using items from PaperFish supplies as one or some of your main aspects or embellishments:
Wool Felt,  Acrylic Felt, Buttons, Felt Balls
2.      The project will be published in an established online craft magazine / site / Blog  or National magazine. It can be on your own blog with a subscribed readership of over 100 people.
3.      I’m not dishing stuff out ‘for free’ like. There has to be a direct link within an online format to the shop from which that item can be purchased. The link to be agreed with me prior. I would also appreciate a link to my own blog:
4.     What do you get? – an agreed free item that is either on promotion in my shop or that you have requested from me. OR pre-agreed reduced cost items depending on what you need. I will also cross link and promote your tutorial in my own blog and on my FaceBook business page. Win Win.

5.a. You may respond to my ‘shout out’ for people to promote a new / sale product (please subscribe to the blog and FaceBook “LovePaperFish” and check regularly for these shout outs) there will be a maximum number of people given sponsorship on these promotional items. Please do not be disappointed if you are not chosen.
5.b. If you have a project that is already established and going to press you can request an item from me with the same provisos as given above for cross-promotional purposes. Please do not be disappointed if i decline your offer. This may be because there is already a sponsorship in that field or it’s not a product i currently wish to promote etc...  

I am going to try and tab a new page along the top with this permanently in...

Monday, 1 April 2013

My Friends are crafty and they write Craft Books...

So... yeeeha - this is Lupin / Laura Howards latest book preview.
Out in time for Christmas - September. I know, but i will remind you again before then.

As if that isn't exciting enough, the beautiful Lucie Summers from http://Summersville.etsy.com
also has this book out in September.
Yeah baby - get yoself some creative and talented friends coz they are well exciting :)