Monday, 30 September 2013

Art n Craft at Evergreen - what's Kirsty been up to?

 What HAVE i been up to? seriously.... lots! 
I love my life when its busy and full. Not 'stressful' ya know but... with a bite!
So, lets start by talking about Saturday... I went in to Evergreen Art Cafe to help introduce my line of Handmade Christmas Goodies. I had a wee table set-up next to my display corner and I had the pleasure of meeting, and talking to, people interested in the beautiful Art and in my products.
 This is the lovely BIO that Simon wrote about me. I appreciate it and that man is a diamond.
If you are local - seriously get yourself down the art cafe. Its a JOY. The coffee is blinding, the food is so good, the staff are lovely, Simon is as mad as a box of frogs and the ART is STUNNING! Its a little haven of Urban Cool nestled in a very small town.
 Back to me though! This is the PaperFish corner - hooya!
i sold a few bits on the day, even though i was apologising, "its a bit early for Christmas i know..."
But those who appreciate handmade and craft know that these are all unique, limited in edition, once they are gone, they are gaaawwwwwn.
 Got a few ribbon spools in there too. How could i not?
I felt proud, people - not going to lie :) 
I think my products look most beautiful when they are altogether like this, on display and complimenting each other. They tell a story. They are the story of my childhood memories, of the books i read and the family i am BLESSED to be a part of. My decorations are a small reminder that Christmas is for joy and thankfulness and the pleasure / privilege of being loved and giving love. 
 I am back at Evergreen (Daventry, Northants) on WEDNESDAY 9th OCT 2013
for the launch of our Crafternoon Teas!
I will also fit another little 'Meet the Maker'in, on a Saturday nearer to Christmas.
Meeting people is the best part of what i do. The end of my creative process is not the Kerching! of a sale, but the meeting of people who enjoy what i do.
 See you soon - i hope!!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Good News (locally) and dates for your diary... PAPERFISH CRAFT PARTIES - for grown-ups too!

 Come and be a part of the PaperFish Parties....
There are lots of things going on if you are in the Daventry area / surrounding villages - or if you are further afield and you fancy a trip out. Some of these events will be worth your time and effort, i promise!

Evergreen Gallery & Cafe in Daventry - (top of the pedestrian street up near the Post Office / Aldi)
from 11am i will be in there doing a bit of 'Meet the Maker' and introducing my line of Christmas Decorations on exhibition and for sale in this gorgeous funky Gallery Cafe. My handmade decorations and cards will be available for sale throughout October / Novemeber / December.
2pm - 5pm
Once again, in the wonderful Evegreen Art Cafe - Daventry...
Don't miss this!! 
I will be in the basement area with FREE mini sewing projects for you to have a play with.
 OR bring your own knitting / crochet and come for a cuppa with some like minded people. 
I will have some of my supplies there for sale if you want to pick up some buttons or mini felt packs. Some Ribbons / Trims. If you see something in the shops and want to order - and pick it up on the actual afternoon - all the better.
10.00 - 12.30
Boddington Village Hall - Upper Boddington
(Huge building with plenty of parking and facilities)
We are having a whole morning of sewing and selling supplies. 
Its £12.50 to join the sewing table, suitable for age 8+ with adult supervision. Also geared toward adults who enjoy a sit, sew n chat. Bring a friend!? All ingredients are included for the sewing table, making Christmas themed items. Its FREE to come do some shopping... i will have loads of the felt and buttons and trims available on the day. Also a cafe set up for drink n cakes.
Lastly - something for alllllll the family:
NOVEMBER 24th SUNDAY - 10am - 1pm
Boddington schools Christmas Fair
Beautiful curated stalls of handmade gifts and decorations.
Food and Wreaths
Childrens Craft Tables.
So MUCH going on and we do all this stuff really well, so you'll be glad you joined us :)
Keep an eye on my facebook page and on here for details.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Homemade With Love - Magazine Project...

 Here we are - in the lovely magazine 'Homemade with Love'
I like this magazine - it isn't chocca full of adverts and isn't 'pretentious'. Its a gentle publication, as the title suggests.
 And here is the embroidery hoop button scene i did for it.
It is a very simple project but i like quick n easy things to do.
These were gifts i whipped up for my daughters teachers at the end of term.

 Also, a nice little blog mention!
 And a Lucie Summers review. Big up the LU whenever possible :) coz she is ace.
And here was a lovely felt project that i thought was worth a look at, in the same issue.