Monday, 27 July 2015

Rainy Day - mini fabric envelopes....

last week....
I bought various bits n pieces from this actual real life - go in the door and be inside the shop, shop.
Items included a wooden envelope template makey thingy. I LOVE a quick easy crafty doo-da.
**Link clicks you away to Berylune online**
***i also FB'd my trip there so go see it on my FB page***
And it was rainy. I had already been super and had a long few hours on the bike soooo i treated myself to some crafty hours and a pot of tea. "I wonder" said i "could i make fabric envelopes"
and so i set to....
 I firstly bonded the fabric to some wonderweb stuff. To give it shape and structure. 
I also had to glue the pieces closed. I suppose i could hand sew them - if i had more patience. But i didn't. They hold up pretty well just stuck with some cheap stick glue :)
 Then i had fun making some tag cards to pop inside. Also using stickers me n my girl bought 
(to share!!) You knoooooow me i LOVE a tag anything. tags tags tags tags.
 and then i played with different ways of closing the envelopes....
 LoL ( i hate that expression, but it seems less offensive printed on a pink heart sticker and adorning a bit of Liberty-esque fabric) LoL :)))
 Then i was like "oh yeeeaaaahhh i could use an eyelet. Tres cool"
so i did - very quick and easy. Happy little Crafter.
 So - go to Berylune (real or virtual) 
and have a go yourself? very quick. and then send REAL post - to people you know and love.
It is exactly what i did after this. I wrote real letters and then i sent them in the post!