Sunday, 30 June 2013

July 1st is Canada Day.

 Hola Canada.
 Here are a few things that Canada means to me :)
 Man. Food. Friends. TIMs. 
Falls. Zoo. Snow. Honeymoon.
 I've only been to Toronto though.
There is a HELLLLLUUUVVVAAA lot more of that Country to see!
Happy Day of Canada! xxx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Making a quick THANKYOU for a special occasion...

 I had such a busy day yesterday, and so what do i do????
Fit in a quick bit of crafting, of course!
I grabbed my old Sizzix and tried cutting out the letters i needed from scrap felt (acrylic)
I had to enlist the aid of scissors as it wasn't a complete success.
 Colours - random but they work!
I lay them on these felt ribbons as i went.
(felt ribbons in hanks:
 And then quickly sewed straight through them with a DMC 2 skein thread.
Easy, fairly quick.
 And then i added buttons because I DO THAT ya know :)
And popped a tag on the end as i needed to write on something.
They look sooooo much better in the real, honest Guv.
But sometimes you don't want to say 'thankyou'
you wanna say THANK YOU !!!!! x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Matroyshka Monologue...

 Ya, i think it's true to say, i have a long standing relationship with all things Matroyshka/ Matroishka/ babushka/ Russian Doll... she is feminine, folky, rural, domestic. Sort of like me :)
 Here is just a small delve into my  photo archives of Russian Doll handmade and crafty items.
The above was a Lavender and Hops filled Pillow with a Lavender hanging doll. I remember selling quite a few of these.
The ribbon at the top has just been listed in my
 Above and below were PinPuffs that i started making - i later modified the design so that they could hang off the sewing machine instead of laying on your work table.
 My first Babushka Christmas Decoration. A small Babushka lady sat in her Ginger House with the Star of Bethlehem above her.
 Then i moved onto sewing these Dolls for Christmas and the first year i sold these, i think i sold hundreds!!

 And these are the slightly smaller current Christmas Dolls. Brighter, to go with my more Neon 2013 theme.
 i have had all sorts of fun and past success with different Matroishka brooches.
Its exciting finding new fabrics online and seeing how i can use the dolls to their best.

 And my NeedleBooks which i have had so much fun designing and making and the Doll has shown up in many ways, many MANY times on the NeedleBooks.
 Feel free to share you Matroyshka projects here in the comments section!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Monochrome Pinterest Black n White...

For no other reason than i LOVE to pick and play with colour x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Work Day Saturday in the 'photography studio'

 Saturday has always been a work day for me. Since way back in my youth when i started with Babysitting Jobs / working in a jewelry store / through to the Wine Shop / and the Children's Home and now my own business. I really don't mind it at all. It frees up so much of my week to go do stuff when everybody else is in their workplaces.
 I had the bonus of professional help today too!
(Not the dog - little monkey that he is)
My sister, also known as: Baby New Potato.
Now, she works in the design / graphic / something like that area
(i have no idea what she does actually but i do get freebies from Superdrug)
But just having a fresh pair of eyes on this lot was great. I have been looking at and selling these buttons for so many years now, i fear my vision is cloudy.
 So, it was makeshift light boxes and mucking about with wee props and lots of tea n cake all day, followed by a dog walk and then a night out. Its the way a Saturday should function.
 Still so many edits to do and STILL so many photos to shoot and re-shoot but it was nice to have company for once. If i could employ minions to do this for me, i probably wouldn't...
Too much of a control freak and its fun!
Happy Buttons everybody!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Making Cards and Pretty Gift Tags...

 And more blogging from my Crafty weekend.
I did stuff that was actually pretty and fun instead of, you know... businessssy.
Love making a big ole mess and feeling that satisfaction of 'DONE' :)
I had no real plan - just gonna make some tags and cards for a local gift shop....
 I love sewing fabric to card. Its weirdly satisfying.
Small projects = very calming.
Just playing with teeny tiny pieces. back to where my handmade life began, selling cards in small local fairs and shops. 
 so, the tags got packaged up into sets for 'easy buy'
and some buttons also got bagged up for quickie buys also.
 The cards are all 'blank' - for Ones own message and all that. I draw the line at putting sentiments on cards. How do i know what it is you want to say? Put your BigGirl pants on, open it up and write allll the stuff you want to say - then send it! Its old fashioned communication but so much more thoughtful.

 Pop them all in a bag and release their Craftiness into the shop display later this week.
Its a living! (sort of) 
Happy HAPPY Craftiness my lovlies!! x x x

Monday, 10 June 2013

Blog Webvert...

Button Tray Pretty...

 I FB'd my button trays at the weekend. 
I pop all the buttons together that i need for the project i am currently on. Its especially essential when sewing the buttons on the Chritstmas Button Wreaths.
(and the trays look so inspiring)
 You may think these wreaths are just random but i sit and *think* about each size, shape and colour of button that sits next to one another. Crazy amount of time and effort into that little task hey.
But to me, the finished article is so worth it.
All that colour and WoW and creativity.
Button Love Forever!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Photo Edits...

Just playing about with a new Photo Edit Programme.
Making some new Webverts... testing them on the blog.
Tell me if i post one you think is really awful - or, even better, stands out nicely!
Ta x
The Felt one needs to be better..... ^^

hmmm, quite pretty...
would look nice as a postcard?

Ha, i quite like the flicked paint grunginess on this one. Its different.