Saturday, 31 August 2013

THE perfect Christmas Ribbons...

 Yes Yes Yes - soak these up Crafty Folk.
I am so happy about these!
 Soft cotton feel with a sort of vintage look about them
 There are lots of the collection to choose from and they alllll mix n match.
I know - its like i think about this - its LIKE i spend a loooong time looking at / deciding / thinking about my customers and what they need / what they could use well (coz i DO you know)
 The best bit is, they are so reasonably priced. £7.90 per reel with 25metres on,
that is practically a wholesale price.
You can pop these on your craft stall at the Christmas Fairs and they will fly off to new homes.
 This collection of all 9 designs would make the sweetest gift wrapping / Christmas Cards...
just £3.20 for 1metre of each. I KNOW!
Anyhow - they are in BigFish and i am about to pop them into the LovePaperFish site too.
Christmas is a coming so get your game face on!
ho ho ho xxx

Friday, 30 August 2013

FREE10 - 10% off your FuzzyFish Felt order this weekend...

get your 10% off the order price
Just put this code into the Checkout COUPON BOX
(yes Upper Case, yes the number 10)
Felt goes a bit wild from September with the Christmas Crafting that begins once those children are back at school - so this is for those who want to get in FIRST and ensure you get the colours you need.
Thanks so much! xx

I LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!!! Can i save my Craft Business?

 "Hi Kirsty,
just wanted to let you know that everything arrived savely.
Thanks a lot, the buttons are beautiful
Have a nice weekend" N

"Thank you - wooden spools have arrived safely and they are perfect for my needs.
Best wishes - P"

"Brilliant, you're a star!...thanks Kirsty" - ELK

"Shipped fast!! Loved all the extras included in the package. Perfect transaction!!"

"EXCELLENT. I was able to use these to create a patch for my pants -- it was exactly as described and arrived quickly! All the best - D"
(Yummy Brooches i have been making for a Gallery)
What is a girl to do?
Above are just tiny quick examples of the messages and feedback i get from my customers.
And do you know what? I take PRIDE in that. 
I take pride in the service that i do my best to offer. In the products i source and sell.
I think about YOU, my customers and i think about YOU my blog readers and FB Likers - even if you don't buy from me, seriously, i still want to engage with you and inspire you in your life and your craftiness.
I L.O.V.E my business.
But it is hard - (not gonna lie here) - its a struggle.
If you like my products and have had good service from me, do feel free to blog that. Tell your friends. FB 'LIKE' me. Its a wonderful thing to be able to share small business and support each other.
Do you sell products using PaperFish Supplies? Let me know... put a link in the comments.... a link on my FB page.
I THANK YOU for your lovely messages.
It makes me think there IS a business worth saving here.

Friday, 23 August 2013

I am trying really hard at....

 I'm rather terrible at relationships.
It's perhaps a sad thing!? But I see it as just as 'one of my things'.
I have seen it before. My Nanna was like this also - there you are, i can actually blame genetics and take on no responsibility for these failings at all... 
After she died, people actually had the nerve to tell me "she was a really hard woman"
and i had enough substance about me to reply, kindly, but directly:
"she was hard, because she was lonely and frightened and not terribly good at relationships"
My Nanna was fantastic company, once you were inside.
 My parents have been heard to say "you do always seem to make life difficult for yourself my dear"
They are so oooo right.
And i AM making life difficult for myself. 
I am trying to change my life - change myself - make it better!
And that is, indeed, a very difficult thing to do.
My philosophy is... if i can surround myself with teachers then i may eventually learn these lessons that it seems i need to learn. I am choosing to surround myself by those who i think are much better than me at loving and giving and forgiving and relaxing and laughing and being intimate.
My dog. My Daughter. My Friends.
I am open to new people and new opportunities. I won't hide myself anymore. And i will make myself vulnerable to the pains that this openness might bring. After all, i have hurt before, i can survive it again!?
I am trying really hard to be better at relationships.

Monday, 19 August 2013

FREE Craft Tutorials!

I know, right!?
she is so good to us lot xxx
And also Christine has a new blog to keep an eye on and she has reviewed Lu Summers new book
and this is her shop on Etsy and you can buy direct from her.
So much sharing going on, I am giddy!!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Festival of Quilts 2013 - ever late to the Party...

 Time Flies - actually i am NEVER late to a party :) but a bit late bringing you the photos from the Festival.
Anyways - here is the delightfully foul-mouthed ubiquitous Quilt Queen, Luuuuuu Summers.
And we are hanging around by her beautiful quilt (entered in the "2 People" category) because we want to hear what people are saying about it!
 I think there is NO denying the talent of Lu's mum here. Her quilting is insane and she follows the theme of the patterns and colours right through all the intricate quilting ideas and patterns. The quilting continues a story that Lu starts in the patching and piecing. 
 It takes you on a wonderful walk and you have no idea what will happen next in the piece. I love its lack of structure and symmetry. Its such a confident piece even though Lu may not always feel 'confident' in her awesome talents, her work speaks that volume. Lu and her mum can QUILT, like proper. and that is raw talent people.
 This piece is just charming. If i only ever completed (!) one quilt in my life and / or owned a piece forever, i *might* choose this.... It has that all American feel, like it took years to make and was sewn from 4 generations of babies discarded clothing. ADORE.
 First you have the overall colour and beauty of the quilt. Then you get up close n personal and you get all this delightful delight. Like every tiny piece was an agonising choice. Sublime people. Joy and serenity combined.
 ^^ click on the picture or link to visit her blog
there is much MUCH happiness to be experienced there. You may even have a mini quilt-gasm. That's ok too, you won't be the first.
 Detail people LOOK at that detail. i mean.... blows.your.mind.
I stopped taking many details at this point of who / what / how. i just began to immerse my being in the joy of quilts!
 Above ^^ yahuh! an entire BLOG on a quilt. Each entry was what she did every day for about a year i think. Beautiful detail. Such dedication.
 This was Lu's second quilt that was invited into the privaliged 'Juried Section'
and it is quite different from many of her other quilts OR the work you and I might associate with Lu Summers. But distinctively, and being a Rural girl myself, i can instantly see the gates, fields and landscape fof her home. Of Suffolk, of her families farm. Its tranquil. All those darker strips are hand dyed metallic shades and its quite arresting in a soft and subtle way.
 Also in the Juried Section - who cannot love this. SO not a quilt.... yet what a quilt!
 i had to resist the urge to pick it up and unravel its goodness. To follow the footsteps all through its quirky longness. A very exciting piece.
 Then there is Laura Howard aka: Lupin.
Now, i am at risk of getting sentimental here. Laura and i have lead very different lives and our experiences are very different - until we reach our current business choices. Laura is so clever and driven. She has focus and determination. Laura is has clear ideas and, as ever, i loved bouncing ideas with her and drinking in her sage advice. So much wisdom here :) and its why i came to the Festival really - to be immersed in like minded ideas and people. To see friends.
 The shopping side at the Festival can be manic. Card Readers failing to get WiFi or taking forever to transact. Rude people with sharp elbows. Desperate people who are just so overwhelmed with excitement they have tunnel vision. Its all just part of the craziness we all pay to experience.
 I actually think i bought NOTHING! shock horror.
Well i wanted a few things but i had forgotten to get cash out and the Card thingy was painful to watch. People trying to buy with plastic.
 Only one or two new stalls.
 TOFT - fantastic hewge button :)
and all their Alpaca wooliness and tight colour palette was a welcome rest for the eyes.
I am ever a 'behind the scenes' fan of the people at TOFT. (go seeeee)
 YES i am so glad i went. YES its not cheap, especially when you add on the cost of travel and / or parking.
But, this is what i do for a living. I forget that, when i am sat selling buttons n felt.... i also do THIS for a living. I am part of the world of handmade. I am a Craft artist and I am part of supporting other Craft Artists and also other supply sellers. We are all part of the same team, the same scene. I really should go 'out and about' more often....
On that note:
Meet you at RENEGADE London in November ladies!?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Russian Doll Printables...

 LOOK >> i whipped up these lovely Matroyshka / Russian Doll tags.
 Now, don't hate me, coz i have lost the link to where i got them (silly me) but there are a million great patterns and PDFs and printables and downloads all over the web.
 We just cut these out and stuck them to card pieces.
We drew around them leaving a bigger gap at the head, so to punch a hole in after.
Then finished around the edge with a little ink stamp.
Other Matroishka stuffs:
Cross Stitch PDF:
Party Invite:
V V useful - Doll Template:
Sewing Finger Puppets
I have done some of the hard work for you!