Thursday, 29 March 2012

*new* colour, it's OK, Coral...

 TWO new Button mixes in the BigFish Buttons shop at present, because i couldn't decide which i loved more. The introduction of this new colour: Coral! has had me all inspired.
So above, is "Coral Beach" - Coral, Mushroom and Clear - i love these together.
 "Sea Coral" 100g mix: Coral, White and Mermaid - which make sense together. A seafoam white on top of a mermaid blue and Coral accents. Now THAT is a Summer Beach colour combo, right?
 So, i have popped them both in for now and maybe i shall drop a mix depending on what people like.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sunshine & more WOOL Felt...

So.... the final Colourway in the Felt Charm Packs has arrived.
It is my favourite!
It is called VINTAGE because the shades are a more muted and interesting mix without any harsh brights or soft pastels. A full range of 15 pretty colours that ll mix n match with each other.
There are arounf £8 each (RRP £9) and a really good price at £35 for all 5 packs
It feels odd to be working and not making the absolute MOST of this glorious sunshine.
I have to keep pinching myself - it is MARCH, right??
I have even worn a pair of shorts for working out in - i know, and i don't 'do' shorts. I am nearly 40, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed with these legs. Shorts in public, IS that line.

 The dog and I have done our best to catch some rays and do a spot of tidying in the garden
"Look!"  * iam calling out to my Sister*  "He has eyes!!"
my Sister compalins that she can never see my dogs eyes in any photos, under all that black hair...
"he has got eyes...."!!
 I have had a pretty tough week actually.
In many ways, i have hit a new level of 'stress' juggling plates high in the air, just to keep my head above water - not a moment to really 'improve' my life in any way, just keep spinning plates, aimlessly it can seem!
But i can't help but feel the sunshine makes everything seem managable.
I am superbly lucky i have the friends and family i have got, or life would be a poorer and sadder place.
x x x Make Hay People!!!

(winner of the PIP LINCOLNE book is DEF coming)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Wool Felt Charm Packs...

 Latest products in the shops are these high wool% top quality felt charm packs.
this is wool felt with a small blend of rayon but is wonderfully thick and solid.
 The Charm Packs are all named to give you an idea of the colour theme / pallette.
Circus = Bright and Zany
Fairytale = lots of pinks, blush, lilacs and softer shades
Woodland = mushroomy and greens and muddy Fall shades
Thanksgiving = rather than Christmas as there are other jewel like shades in here
A 5th pack is on it's way which might be some kind of 'Victoriana'....
 They are 5x5 inch squares or 12.5cm squared and so ideal for garlands and small projects, art pieces and finger puppets.....
 I know! these are just the cutest sets of patterns - Perfect for parents to sew and so quick as you can use lots of scraps from your stash. These would make really simple patterns for group and school sewing clubs too.
 The patterns are all reusable, just photocopy them or trace them if you like.
Re-use them over and over.
Buy a set each and share them with friends!?
 To help celebrate and re-launch this blog i am going to holding some of these charms up to a giveaway very soon. So stay tuned to get your mitts on some cool gear - for free !
Thanks for getting excited with me x
So... Here it is: gradually i can get this new blog built so it is easy to use and easy to follow.
In a really weird way, i don't know where to start?
So i shall start where i feel safe and happy -  amongst friends.
That was:  Myself  > Lu Summers > Lupin
at the Festival of Quilts last August 2011
Lu has a new range of fabrics OUT NOW with Moda (super proud of her)
Lupin is working on more *felty* goodness, loving her latest Parrot!
And that is a great deal to be happy about!
CLICK on their names and go see their blog News...
 x x x
i will announce the winner of the Yummy Pip Lincolne Book... soon!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

I am not lost in Spain!!!

Hello to anyone who finds me here.... it seems cold and lonely compared to my beautiful where i seemed so cosy for so long.
I apologise to anyone who received the news from email HACKER - that i am lost and desperate in Spain. Naturally, i am here and safe.
I have lost all access to my old email account however.
Business resumes at - see y'all soon...