Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hallowe'en Wreath....? what a cool crafty idea!

(above: Thanksgiving Wreath -
 This post is like a crazzzzzyyyyy ourpouring of waffle n stuff n allll my Sunday Morning thoughts...
I have so much BUZZING in my head! and the question that needs careful planning to answer is:
HOW am i going to fit all my awesome-ness into the minimal hours that stretch ahead....
 I had such a productive and exciting week last week but, as always, that makes me THINK all the more.
The weather has shifted and immediately my sewing buzz and creative head kicks in. It is like a switch.
I did lots of sewing for the SNOWFISH shop :)
I did lots of listing and photographing and ordering the Christmas stock / Fall stock.
I have had ALOT of physio on my very poorly Sacrum that has been crippling me for months...
BUT i also made a real attempt to stop hating my injury and start learning to exercise around it.
I have started a new eating plan to help keep me ultra fit and full and productive.
I still have a work list as long as my arm! but i am not going to stress it. I am going to find the time in every day / week to accomplish what it is i want.
Hallowe'en wreath - i know!! coooool huh?
Secretly hoping no-one will buy it then i can use it forever n ever.
(Bat NOT included, my daughter would go spare - she loves that toy. But you can add your own spooky details to a Hallowe'en wreath....)
Gorgeous postal deliveries this week...
 And, as ever, a beautiful stack of fabrics for which i have plans to make things for me and mine...
will that ever happen??  *sigh*
Of course it will. I believe that. We all have negative days but generally I am YODA!
'No, i will try' - only - 'I will DO'
So, beautiful people, know this:
good things can come from 'trying' and planning and dreaming and wanting.
AWESOMENESS happens from believing and doing.
'To do'... that is the verb we crafters live by, surely?
x x x 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Crafty Christmas Preparations...

If Christmas is one long stress fest for you, then look away now...
I love it and i look forward to it. But i don't like the stress! and i hate the commercialism. You won't catch me near any shopping centres from mid October, THAT is everything i hate about Christmas!
But all the cooking and pickling and crafting - you can enjoy all this in advance...

I made these Deco Hoops at the last minute last year, with scraps left over from other bits i had been making. But this year i am starting early and i plan to make some smaller 4" hoops using linen and some crochet bits for a more vintage feel.
 You can check out Lupins Blog -
where she currently has some Angel patterns and is also putting together an Angel embroidery pattern... they would look great on these hoops x - Mandy Shaw has some beautiful embroidery designs too.
I must review her book again for you because it is stunning and practical and inspiring!
Why not make an entire wall of these? you can fill each one with fabric scraps, and the best thing is, you can easily change the fabrics whenever you want?
Buy 24 small hoops and make an advent calender!...
The point is, think now - plan now - collect the ingredients now...
and you can enjoy all the most lovely bits of Christmas long before all the stressy bits rear their grumpy faces at you.
Treat your CRAFTing the same way you'd treat your COOKing... plan it, get the ingredients and put that time aside to do it.
Its more fun that way!
(and then blog it and share it with us!!)
I have a few new ideas and crafty makes coming up over the next few weeks,
keep tuned! x x x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Feeling Felty for sure...

Feeling Felty for sure... by kirstyfish
Feeling Felty for sure..., a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.

going to take some photos of how to decorate felt beads, incase you were wondering...

Friday, 21 September 2012

*new* WOOL Felt colour bolts... happiness in felty woolly ness

 Peach Melba -
oh my yumminess! i could eat this sorbet coloured felt.
Softest popsicle terracotta would be lovely for dolls or homewares, its unusual.
 Then these two new colours are especially for all you Scandi Christmas fans...
I did a spread / tutorials for Mollie Makes last year, 2011 involving these Scandi colours.
 Above 2 colours also listed in a mixed half metre set with Snow White - an ideal Chrsitmas Stack to play with. I am going to make some Mitten Decorations with this colour scheme.
IF you already have a Swatch Ring from me / already are a regular felt customer - ASK me for the 3 new swatch squares to add to your ring, so you can see the colours for yourself.
x x x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

i *heart* patchwork (and i do, i do...)

 I know that this photo fills you with joy and anticipation and relaxation and inspiration... i know that, because thats how a shelf of craft books makes me feel, and we are the same aren't we?
ANY book, 2 or 3, pull them down to be read over a cuppa tea.
 This is one i have had for a few years now...
i *heart* patchwork by Rashida Coleman-Hale
published by Interweave (lush books)
 It has a superb balance of highly stylised and staged shots just to feed our hearts,
and plenty of good detailed shots and instructions to feed our heads.
A heady mix indeed. Many craft books miss this balance i feel.
 A project with eyelets... now i LOVE an eyelet, especially giant ones!
There is so much to inspire you in here. Alot of ZAKKA and colour wheels and linens and the use of scraps to adorn tea towels, make pin cushions, mobiles, purses..
How to attatch a zip! and many basic techniques.
 Here are some of my patchwork bed cushions that are definately inspired by my patchwork books.
There is no pattern or plan followed with these - just randomness :)
 Rashida's book is also a cute square size 9x9 inches
so an easy size to transport around with you.
That is an Amazon link IF you want it.
I think there is one on there for £12.00...
But you can't have mine !!! i luffs it.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New cards! From Syko - Kajsa x

New cards! by syko Kajsa
New cards!, a photo by syko Kajsa on Flickr.
I love her sewing, her work, her style... she is an inspiration x go seeeee her x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It must be Autumn... Kirsty has new BOOTS!

 Think... cowgirl meets (Judge)  Dredd!!
LOVE love lurrvvvee.
 I love the fact they already look like they've driven a Harley through the long desert, starting a few Bar brawls along the way... soft battered leather.
And Fleur de Lye (how dooo you spell that?) up the back - inspired.
In your FACE Autumn boots
Kabooom x

Flapper Deco Buttons

Flapper Deco Buttons by kirstyfish
Flapper Deco Buttons, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.

*new* in the BigFish shop x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Festival in the Garden!..

 aahhhhh, it wasn't all bad this Summer
we managed to find quite a few warm n sunny days.
 I don't do crowds and groups so we had our own mini festival in the garden
 You cannot beat the uplifting power of colour explosions!!

"Do you love this world?

Do you cherish your humble and silky life?

Do you adore the green grass, with its terror beneath?

Do you also hurry, half-dressed and barefoot, into the garden,

and softly,

and exclaiming of their dearness..."

And it looks like we are getting a few extra days of warmth n sunshine in the UK...
do i speak too soon?
I feel i have tooooo much 'to do'
i have no time to ponder the wonderment.
Is it time to Cull the toxic influences from my life?
Is it time to become selfish and strong again?

Monday, 3 September 2012

The Tattoooo of PoWeR....! sort of...

(same day - bit sore)
 New tattooo - it has been annoying me for 18 years.... the fact that there was a gap in my armband.
I had the armband when i was 19yrs old. I have always felt the absence in that gap.
So it has taken me a whole lifetime to finish it.
I was young and in turmoil when i had the band and i do feel like that was a different person to the she that is here now.
 So, this is the correct way up, when my arm is in the air because it is only visable when my arm is up.
It is supposed to be a symbol of POWER but who knows.
It was ok and it fitted - i did not put a great deal of time and effort into what i was having,
and that is why i am so Rock n Roll kids. Who cares? its only a picture.
 Now you see it
Now you don't
I haven't finished yet. I feel a lack of Tat on my ankle and on my thigh so i need to save my pennies and sort the design.
Who needs food n petrol n school uniform for kids
when you can have tatttooooos!?
Peekaboooo xxx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Scottie Dog grrooooming...

 Come oooooonnnn - what's not to love!?
Mr Baggins getting a good grooming. Well overdue. Thank goodnes we didn't have too hot a Summer hey?
 Coz he was a rescue dog n all that, i left him a good year before i started prodding and preening him.
I left him away from the V-E-T and the groomers because i wanted him to feel all safe and loved before i scared the B-jeewhizz out of him.
 He was a fairly good boy so i imagine he has been groomed before...
It took an age! (i think the groomer was secretly loving getting her hands on a Scottie Boy)
 He got indignant after -it is waht Scotties do apparantly.
And i agree with Mr Baggins, too much off his eyebrows and ears. I did ask for that to be left longer... especially his eyebrows. I loved his loooooong eyebrows.
But, they'll grow back!?
 Oh you booootiful boy!
Look at youuuuu. All over now BoyBoy, relax.
... i found my Camera Lead - yipppeee!!
So i'll show you the new tattoo and our mini Summer Festival....