Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lets Conclude and Clear PaperFish business for 2013...

 PaperFish = BigFish.etsy & FuzzyFish.etsy & SnowFish.etsy
We are a family of shops that have happily been trading for some years now!
However i FEAR i have rocked and confused the boat a little in the latter part of 2013.
So i would like to categorically clear some things up....
BigFish will continue to sell supplies online. BigFish will be primarily committed to offering the widest choice of buttons but ONLY top quality Buttons and only buttons that i think are exciting and interesting and fabulous. I spend a great deal of time sourcing these buttons and keeping a good chain of supply so i can TRY really hard to meet your 'last minute needs' :)
Its the biggest part of what i do and i want to continue doing this as long as possible.
 FuzzyFish - my beloved felt shop over on etsy and on
I am unsure about the wool felt... still. 
The British Post Office Service have mucked us all about so much i am not sure what they will do next. 
But the Acrylic Felt is by far my best seller and i love it. I love the quality. You, the Crafters, keep coming back for more and more so it will stay for sale until something else in the chain changes. - this will become much neater and easier to use.
many of my UK customers use this as their one-stop shop, so great!!  i am  happy to keep it going if you are all happy to use it also.
Keep an eye on Blog and FB page in January 2014 as i will announce my MEGA SALE DAY!! or sale plans as i have lots of stock to shift that i just don't want to trade anymore. Nothing wrong with the products, i just find that chain of supply too difficult to work with - "making myself more efficient is the plan"
 Craft Wise.... i am still the designer, maker and retailer of all things that i have sold in all the shops. - all the Christmas lovlies... these are still my designs. They are not open to replication or duplication. These are designs that i sell more of in shops and galleries rather than online. Etsy has changed so much - i wonder if there is any room for beautiful handmade designs on Etsy anymore??
 We are being asked to compete with mass-produced items and quite simply, we cannot.
SnowFish  Designs will remain. somewhere. Somehow.
I am still here my friends. I am taking on more work in the Fitness Industry, tis true, but i have room in my life for both. This may all change, of course! But you will all be the first to know.
Thankyou - Thankyou - Thankyou
for being my online friends, my customers, my colleagues, my partners, part of my world.
SO many of you have been here since the very beginning, when all this began and you have deepest heartfelt appreciation.
Have a wonderful break over Christmas. Do Drink. Do Eat. Do make Merry x x x

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

3inch Wooden Hoops - now available in Bigfish....

 To add to our already brilliant selection of embroidery hoops....
 We are now offering the baby 3inch hoops - good news i feel.
Is anybody else watching The Paradise on Sunday evenings???
Because i can't help feeling the women there are getting away with an awful lot of free behaviours for that period in time, no? Denise could run The Paradise,,,,,,,? would they really have allowed that!?
Hmmmmmm..... ;)

Friday, 8 November 2013

You lot are ANGELS :)....

 I mean it! you lot are super lovely....
 I have been feeling low and stretched and i have had some really sweet messages from people - and nobody saying "for goodness sake, pull yourself together" which is definitively NOT what i needed. So thank you! I needed some time out to rest and eat and find some energy. 
I am not ashamed to admit when i find life really tough. I don't always want to 'talk about it' but i always try and put it in perspective and find the Smiles!
 So, some angels, just to demonstrate that my life is FULL of angels!
My family, my friends, and even many of you whom i have never met but i appreciate you and your lovely wishes. Please know, i send lovely thoughts and best wishes right back at you.
We used my angel to help illustrate  our Christmas Fair (over Upper Boddington, Northants UK)
Looks sweet hey!? 
 Take Care xxx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

My head is allllllll over the place.... Shop News:

 This time of year is always manic for me. 
I am always spinning a million plates and hoping desperately that the various cracks don't show.
BUT Autumn / Winter 2013 it seems like these cracks are growing. And i am unsure how to stop them from turning into deep crevices and toppling over the edge.
Once again, i find myself at a crossroads and i have been agonising over which fork to take.
In my head, its all so huge that i must sound 'vague' and 'cryptic' but i don't mean to. I am just unsure on how to MANAGE myself right now.
 I think, by writing this blog post, i am attempting to place some order in this chaos.
And also, maybe it will help make myself accountable for my actions. Help give me focus and constructive direction......
SLOWLY, The PaperFish Craft Empire will be getting smaller, and not bigger (as i had once imagined it might) I am hoping to diversify my working self by moving into the professional fitness industry. This is a passion of mine and an area i feel, maybe more comfortable IN, than i do in the Craft Community. Funny that huh? Its a career i have loved and continue to love. I LOVE being in retail. I have never made a secret of that. It appeals to so much of my creativity and personality. 

Personally: i need a change. i need to pursue a different part of me. i need to make a more reliable income for myself. i want to show my daughter a different avenue of being a mum, a woman, a person who earns their money and contributes to society. 

 Professionally: I cannot keep the shops going as they are in their current format. There are too many. They are too diverse. There is too much pressure on me to keep juggling all these parts and, for the past year, i have been 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'. I love working with my customers and i know that money has been tight GLOBALLY. i am part of this economy too. But i cannot keep battling with people who want 'more and more discount' / 'free postage' / 'items flown across the sea in 48hrs'... i do love retail, but i am spent (figuratively and actually!) I LOVE YOU PEOPLES, but i need a break.
SOOooo, blah blah, i hope that all gives some meaning?
What's happening in the shops then.....? 
(this is the current plan and very much subject to change)
1. slowly reducing the diversity of stock that i offer. So, when items are "sold out" in the shop, for many items it will mean "SOLD OUT FOREVER"
2. probably doing away with my handmade items completely. Etsy is changing and i choose not to compete with the mass produced items that are going to flood this market place. I choose to spend my time on a new and different career. One that has a greater appreciation of my skills, perhaps.
3. thinking i will be doing away with all the WOOL FELT just selling the acrylic felt.
4. there will have to be a MEGA SALE at some point?!? i have masses to get rid of....
My advice to you, if you are worried about products you buy from me? Feel free to email me with your concerns, there will still be a huge range of buttons to choose from. Buttons will be my major focus.
Watch this space, i guess!? xxx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

FaceBook Status Update....

I am really not a person who feels the need to update The FaceBook every time i sneeze. I see its primary use as spying on people who are dishonest so you can catch them out and confront them next time they lie to you. OR to share lovliness with friends OR read actual interesting articles.... But i posted this and i am sharing it on my blog because it MATTERS TO ME :)

"The kindness of Others.... so, much of F**kbook is full of sh*t. 
This is not sh*t, its really nice: I was really upset and crying this morning. But i had to rush out my house and grab the bin as the Refuse Bin Dudes were outside. They came to help me with the bin (coz they are great like that) and Dude.1. says "hey, whats with the tears?" and i sighed and said "oh, i am dumb. i allowed myself to be used and hurt and now i feel like a worthless human being" 
----- Dude.2 is walking over and he said "no way. d'ya remember when we came to change the bins over and you an your kid came rushing out to us? that was cool, we put your kid in that wheelie bin" *we all laugh* then Truck Dude shouts over "you left us that Christmas Card on the bin and your kid made that biscuit - Davo ate it!" *we all laugh again* my dad comes outside to see whats going on (he was at my house picking up my broken life, as alllllways!) and we all stood round laughing and chatting. 
Then they left and said "you're a nice person".... Dude.2 also said "we'd all DO you" which was like an extra i didn't need, but....
HEY - you give out Love and Laughter throughout your days and somehow it will come back to you when you need it most. And that is pretty much how i see Life working"

Monday, 7 October 2013

Watch Crafty Kirsty FEEESH on video (or choose not to!)

Yep - hilarious... watch this video link below....
And see a posh bird winging her way through a totally unexpected and unprepared VIDEO interview!
 nb. of course many women are not isolated and their lives are fine but yeah, i like Cake and i like Crafting so come do it with us :) xxxx

Monday, 30 September 2013

Art n Craft at Evergreen - what's Kirsty been up to?

 What HAVE i been up to? seriously.... lots! 
I love my life when its busy and full. Not 'stressful' ya know but... with a bite!
So, lets start by talking about Saturday... I went in to Evergreen Art Cafe to help introduce my line of Handmade Christmas Goodies. I had a wee table set-up next to my display corner and I had the pleasure of meeting, and talking to, people interested in the beautiful Art and in my products.
 This is the lovely BIO that Simon wrote about me. I appreciate it and that man is a diamond.
If you are local - seriously get yourself down the art cafe. Its a JOY. The coffee is blinding, the food is so good, the staff are lovely, Simon is as mad as a box of frogs and the ART is STUNNING! Its a little haven of Urban Cool nestled in a very small town.
 Back to me though! This is the PaperFish corner - hooya!
i sold a few bits on the day, even though i was apologising, "its a bit early for Christmas i know..."
But those who appreciate handmade and craft know that these are all unique, limited in edition, once they are gone, they are gaaawwwwwn.
 Got a few ribbon spools in there too. How could i not?
I felt proud, people - not going to lie :) 
I think my products look most beautiful when they are altogether like this, on display and complimenting each other. They tell a story. They are the story of my childhood memories, of the books i read and the family i am BLESSED to be a part of. My decorations are a small reminder that Christmas is for joy and thankfulness and the pleasure / privilege of being loved and giving love. 
 I am back at Evergreen (Daventry, Northants) on WEDNESDAY 9th OCT 2013
for the launch of our Crafternoon Teas!
I will also fit another little 'Meet the Maker'in, on a Saturday nearer to Christmas.
Meeting people is the best part of what i do. The end of my creative process is not the Kerching! of a sale, but the meeting of people who enjoy what i do.
 See you soon - i hope!!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Good News (locally) and dates for your diary... PAPERFISH CRAFT PARTIES - for grown-ups too!

 Come and be a part of the PaperFish Parties....
There are lots of things going on if you are in the Daventry area / surrounding villages - or if you are further afield and you fancy a trip out. Some of these events will be worth your time and effort, i promise!

Evergreen Gallery & Cafe in Daventry - (top of the pedestrian street up near the Post Office / Aldi)
from 11am i will be in there doing a bit of 'Meet the Maker' and introducing my line of Christmas Decorations on exhibition and for sale in this gorgeous funky Gallery Cafe. My handmade decorations and cards will be available for sale throughout October / Novemeber / December.
2pm - 5pm
Once again, in the wonderful Evegreen Art Cafe - Daventry...
Don't miss this!! 
I will be in the basement area with FREE mini sewing projects for you to have a play with.
 OR bring your own knitting / crochet and come for a cuppa with some like minded people. 
I will have some of my supplies there for sale if you want to pick up some buttons or mini felt packs. Some Ribbons / Trims. If you see something in the shops and want to order - and pick it up on the actual afternoon - all the better.
10.00 - 12.30
Boddington Village Hall - Upper Boddington
(Huge building with plenty of parking and facilities)
We are having a whole morning of sewing and selling supplies. 
Its £12.50 to join the sewing table, suitable for age 8+ with adult supervision. Also geared toward adults who enjoy a sit, sew n chat. Bring a friend!? All ingredients are included for the sewing table, making Christmas themed items. Its FREE to come do some shopping... i will have loads of the felt and buttons and trims available on the day. Also a cafe set up for drink n cakes.
Lastly - something for alllllll the family:
NOVEMBER 24th SUNDAY - 10am - 1pm
Boddington schools Christmas Fair
Beautiful curated stalls of handmade gifts and decorations.
Food and Wreaths
Childrens Craft Tables.
So MUCH going on and we do all this stuff really well, so you'll be glad you joined us :)
Keep an eye on my facebook page and on here for details.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Homemade With Love - Magazine Project...

 Here we are - in the lovely magazine 'Homemade with Love'
I like this magazine - it isn't chocca full of adverts and isn't 'pretentious'. Its a gentle publication, as the title suggests.
 And here is the embroidery hoop button scene i did for it.
It is a very simple project but i like quick n easy things to do.
These were gifts i whipped up for my daughters teachers at the end of term.

 Also, a nice little blog mention!
 And a Lucie Summers review. Big up the LU whenever possible :) coz she is ace.
And here was a lovely felt project that i thought was worth a look at, in the same issue.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

THE perfect Christmas Ribbons...

 Yes Yes Yes - soak these up Crafty Folk.
I am so happy about these!
 Soft cotton feel with a sort of vintage look about them
 There are lots of the collection to choose from and they alllll mix n match.
I know - its like i think about this - its LIKE i spend a loooong time looking at / deciding / thinking about my customers and what they need / what they could use well (coz i DO you know)
 The best bit is, they are so reasonably priced. £7.90 per reel with 25metres on,
that is practically a wholesale price.
You can pop these on your craft stall at the Christmas Fairs and they will fly off to new homes.
 This collection of all 9 designs would make the sweetest gift wrapping / Christmas Cards...
just £3.20 for 1metre of each. I KNOW!
Anyhow - they are in BigFish and i am about to pop them into the LovePaperFish site too.
Christmas is a coming so get your game face on!
ho ho ho xxx

Friday, 30 August 2013

FREE10 - 10% off your FuzzyFish Felt order this weekend...

get your 10% off the order price
Just put this code into the Checkout COUPON BOX
(yes Upper Case, yes the number 10)
Felt goes a bit wild from September with the Christmas Crafting that begins once those children are back at school - so this is for those who want to get in FIRST and ensure you get the colours you need.
Thanks so much! xx

I LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!!! Can i save my Craft Business?

 "Hi Kirsty,
just wanted to let you know that everything arrived savely.
Thanks a lot, the buttons are beautiful
Have a nice weekend" N

"Thank you - wooden spools have arrived safely and they are perfect for my needs.
Best wishes - P"

"Brilliant, you're a star!...thanks Kirsty" - ELK

"Shipped fast!! Loved all the extras included in the package. Perfect transaction!!"

"EXCELLENT. I was able to use these to create a patch for my pants -- it was exactly as described and arrived quickly! All the best - D"
(Yummy Brooches i have been making for a Gallery)
What is a girl to do?
Above are just tiny quick examples of the messages and feedback i get from my customers.
And do you know what? I take PRIDE in that. 
I take pride in the service that i do my best to offer. In the products i source and sell.
I think about YOU, my customers and i think about YOU my blog readers and FB Likers - even if you don't buy from me, seriously, i still want to engage with you and inspire you in your life and your craftiness.
I L.O.V.E my business.
But it is hard - (not gonna lie here) - its a struggle.
If you like my products and have had good service from me, do feel free to blog that. Tell your friends. FB 'LIKE' me. Its a wonderful thing to be able to share small business and support each other.
Do you sell products using PaperFish Supplies? Let me know... put a link in the comments.... a link on my FB page.
I THANK YOU for your lovely messages.
It makes me think there IS a business worth saving here.

Friday, 23 August 2013

I am trying really hard at....

 I'm rather terrible at relationships.
It's perhaps a sad thing!? But I see it as just as 'one of my things'.
I have seen it before. My Nanna was like this also - there you are, i can actually blame genetics and take on no responsibility for these failings at all... 
After she died, people actually had the nerve to tell me "she was a really hard woman"
and i had enough substance about me to reply, kindly, but directly:
"she was hard, because she was lonely and frightened and not terribly good at relationships"
My Nanna was fantastic company, once you were inside.
 My parents have been heard to say "you do always seem to make life difficult for yourself my dear"
They are so oooo right.
And i AM making life difficult for myself. 
I am trying to change my life - change myself - make it better!
And that is, indeed, a very difficult thing to do.
My philosophy is... if i can surround myself with teachers then i may eventually learn these lessons that it seems i need to learn. I am choosing to surround myself by those who i think are much better than me at loving and giving and forgiving and relaxing and laughing and being intimate.
My dog. My Daughter. My Friends.
I am open to new people and new opportunities. I won't hide myself anymore. And i will make myself vulnerable to the pains that this openness might bring. After all, i have hurt before, i can survive it again!?
I am trying really hard to be better at relationships.