Saturday, 30 March 2013

Washi Tape Easter Eggs... make em.

 Simple, quick, very creative and mess free.... you know i might be the genius of Children's Craft ideas (maybe)
SOOOoooooo i had these eggs in the cupboard for about 2 years.
We were going to decorate them with glue and tissue paper - ala decoupage style.
BUT then i realised::::::
 The Washi Gods sent us this tape for a few good reasons:
They stick well.
They have a pretty translucence
They are easy to rip
They are not all sticky and gluey, like... well, like glue is.
 We seem to have built up quite a stash of mixed Washi Tape.
And my 8yr old has various difficulties in fine motor neuron skills and attention span.
I find the tape is really useful for kids who are like the Tasmanian Devil at a craft table as well as those pretty little children who sit sweetly for hours and craft (a rare species indeed)
 Do i neeeeed to tutorial this?? ok:
1. stick a kebab skewer in the egg - quite far up inside!
2. Tape all over the egg in any random pattern.
3. push down any edge of tape really firm and smooth to give a good finish.
4. we stuck glue to the egg and tied ribbons on the bottom for a pretty effect.
5. we also stuck a few Spring stickers on.
6. My girl whacked a bow on too that i glued AND popped a pin in to keep it there.
 Little children can carry them round.
Big mommies can pop them into a plant for full Easter prettiness.
Yeah, i know, i am on maximum MUM POINTS this week.
Wait til i show you the home-made Hot Cross Buns and biscuits.
Relax and let them get messy x x x 
Happy BUNS n EGGS!!!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Baby Shower Buttons n Blues...

 I have a *NEW* Blue in the shops called LIDO
its a really soft powdered pool blue. Quite similar to Aqua / Mermaid but muted and softer somehow.
So i mixed it with the Softer pink and some pearls and made this: Baby Shower.
Soooo sweet.
 I also discovered it made THE perfect Nordic / Scandinavian mix with Bright White and London Red.
I love this colour combo and again, this new blue mixes well and is less harsh than the bright aqua.
 So, Lido Blue!
Awesome for you jewelery makers to have a new option, a subtler blue to play with.
And oh yeah, enjoy your Easter Break!
Hot Cross Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs - however you do it, do it with Gusto!!!
 x x x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

GIANT buttons are now in full stock...

 I have had a million (exaggeration) requests for MORE colours in these Giant Buttons.
Who am I to go denying the button fans n addicts!?
 Slowly listing them in give me time.
a whopping 3.5inch across. yahuh. That be 8.5cm!!
there is a link to the Button Book tutorial.
These also make awwweesssoomme accessories all on their own:
Thread one through your dreadlocks
Add to a bag
Wear on your coat
Make coasters
Quilt with them
Use them in your sports team - Roller Derby anyone!?
Stick up over your walls....
 £2.40 each at the moment - slightly less when you buy more.
RRP £3.00 but seeing as i like you,,,,,,, you get a peachy deal on these babies.
I work hard ya know. Bringing all these yummy buttons n supplies together for your perusal and enjoyment.
I thanks y'alllll x x x

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Craft Supplies at your leisure....

Shops are OPEN
I should have a holiday more often... its getting hard to get my head back into this work malarky!
I am out of the Country still tho: 
Orders will not be sent until MONDAY 25th MARCH 
but, ya know, they are open, you can shop or browse x

In other News... look at this great tutorial featuring our awesome GIANT buttons.
As of next week these babies will be available in many new colours.
Kinda cool x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


In the entire time i have had online retail sites, i have never taken a VACATION!
Well, i have, i just never shut the shops... 
But, people who care, I am going to close for a week or two. Don't panic I am coming back.
What is happening whilst i am away?
Lots of stuff...
Its going to be my birthday :) How wonderful is that!? sort of. I will turn 38yrs young.
Trust me, i feel a good decade (or 2) younger.
I am going to go out n eat n drink n make merry.
I am going to stay in n eat n drink n make merry.
I am going to have fun and relax and plan for the next BIG phase of the PaperFish empire...

In the plans:
*Closing all Handmade other than the SnowFish Christmas range.
*Increasing Button range
*Increasing felt range
*Selling wholesale / Bulk / supplies in much larger quantities
*Taking the opportunity to work with more people:
*Do you fancy becoming a SELLER yourself of some of my supplies? 
*Do you want to become a Crafter sponsored by PaperFish products???
(this is one of the developments i am most excited about)
So - keep your eyes on my FaceBook page and on the Blog coz this is where all NEWS will be arriving first and these are opportunities you might want to be a part of ti develop your business too.
Tooodddlypip xxx

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Royal Mail Price HIKE...2013

 I make a million promises to Blog all the fun craft stuff and tutorials i have lined up for you BUT no. 
It seems business talk always takes precedence.
ATTENTION: online buyers n sellers:
you need to know all this ^^^^^ above.
What are you going to do as a seller?
Hobby or Small Business? what are your choices? How do we price our items well and fairly without major mistakes? how we can happily sell online?
I am changing - expanding - tweaking - rethinking etc...
however the INSULT is how bloomin D.I.R.E the Royal Mail service is anyways!!!!
I have had more parcels go missing within the UK than to any other Country across the entire globe.
What is that about? Bad sorting. Bad systems. Bad delivery. Bad service.
Be aware. Read the site - see the changes in WEIGHT between small packet and medium packet but do not fail to take into consideration the DIMENSIONS of your parcels also.
This has terrible consequences for felt shopping online as it is bulky AND heavy.
So much to sit and change at the PC.
This is very useful - once you have learnt how to read it!