Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Button Fun ready for Sale Day

£3.90 for these 9 buttons
As seen, 3 each of 3 designs. RRP are £1.50 per 3 / £4.50 for this set.
They are 2cm approx 21mm and they are lovely! i love these for some really detailed embellishment or pretty finish to a child's cardigan / dress. 
And also the set below is one of the shops new sets.
You can take advantage of the free UK postage offer 
Tuesday 5th FEB 8am - 8pm
Use the code: FREEUK at checkout on that day!
 I have masses of spools back in stock also.
Different sizes and designs so you could use the FREE postage as an opportunity to stock up on spools for beautiful craft fair displays or home haberdashery stashing.
After the SALE DAY it is time to get to the Trade Show later in February and see what NEW Buttons and ribbons are on offer to us reatilers. Allllways a fun few days.
THEN, in March the shops are shutting for 2 whole weeks! whilst i go on holiday so you have been warned! 
x x x

Thursday, 10 January 2013

SALE Details... all your dreams come true!

You have been chosen to partake in the amazing Annual PaperFish Sale Day
I know, i know, too much excitement for the general public - 
but we Craft Lovers can cope, right!?
It may or may not surprise you to know: major retailers BUY IN sale stock to flog at you / market endlessly at you - make you WANT it bad. Many major retailers MARK UP the original price so high that they are still making profits from their "75% off the world and you need this stuff bad"
My SALE is different. I am making a loss on all SALE items. At the prices i am selling to you, i am losing money on the profit and on my original purchase costs. Also "UK free postage"... why would i do that?
What's in it for me? This is my business!? My wages!?
1. Any stock that is End of Line / won't be re-stocked - gets stuck and i need it moved out of my shop listings and out of my studio.
2. Even selling items at a loss is better than having dead items sat around that are not selling at all!
3. Most of my customers are repeat - and many have been shopping with me for YEARS! i appreciate them and its a way of saying "want this for a £1? Thanks for shopping with me"
4. My shop rises up the Etsy listings for a while due to the continued sales and renewing.
5. Many people don't give a fig about the £1 sale and just use the FREE UK POSTAGE to buy something they were coming in to get anyway. Well Done them
6. Always 2 or 3 people come in and buy one £1 item and i have to post that for free - that's a big loss in my Sale Day and kinda mean spirited. But this is the offer so they are within their right. I am being totally open about my SALE DAY reasons and tactics - how many other retailers do that for you??
7. It is FUN! Crazy stoopid and hectic for me, but actually great fun and last year customers were msg-ing me all day and being funny. We had a laugh.
Tuesday 5th FEB 2013
9am - 9pm 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Go see my friends....

If you love the seaside and ceramics and a sale.....
Lisa Stevens is hugely talented and has been a featured seller on Etsy

Pretty vintage twist accessories here:
Laura Fallulah - such a babe. some items at sale prices too.
Look at this stunning wedding confetti!! u know u want some....

This is a friend's shop also at NOTHS: Bombus.
Bespoke map pictures and gifts IDEAL and AWESOME for Weddings and special birthdays. People will love you for the thought that u take here.

Summersville - Lu Summers on ETSY:
Fabric and mugs and tape all her own gorgeous prints and designs...
Yep,,,,,, that's enough for now x

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Years Resolutions... Ask NOT what you can do for yourself...

 Ask not what your New Year can do for you
What you can do for the New Year...
1. I want to start a 'coffee club' for the Oldies in my village. It has irked me foreeevvvveeer the LACK of services for the Elderly in this Country, in general. But i also feel it is unacceptable that we do not know our neighbours well enough to pop around and sit and TALK to them. I intend to set up a regular coffee meet for those that want to come. It will be free and friendly. end of.

2. The past few years, i have successfully reduced the amount of time and money i spend buying SHIT I DO NOT NEED. This year i will push it further by saying: the money i do spend will be spent locally and with thought. I am referring mostly to food.

3. I will positively and practically support my baby sister running the 2013 London Marathon - so so proud of her :)

4. I will not be a walk over for friends that take advantage and take the piss but i will be a good friend because i have taken so much friendship from others over the years. i am ready to give more back.
5. THE SELFISH ONE: i am going to love myself and like myself regardless of my physcial shape and size or how i feel about how i could 'look better' (what a WASTE of tiiiimmmmeee and energy)
I am going to love others in abundance and in return, hope that they love me back and that will make me feel happiest of all.
And those really are my New Years Resolutions
Strong in mind. Strong in body. Strong in heart - its my final frontier.