Tuesday, 20 November 2012


This is the FULL Christmas Range:
Prices can be viewed in any currency
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Period Homes & Interiors CHRISTMAS 2012

 That's me... page 104 AND 105 in Period Homes Magazine....
How cool is that??
 Cue: Gushy speech, 
i would like to thank my family and friends, my customers, the voting public, my agent and Simon Cowell for this wonderful opportunity....
 Seriously though, it is NICE to be contacted. NICE to be asked and NICE to see myself here.
So often, working for myself, being by myself! selling Online, i wonder who sees me? Am i real at all?
I must be look... i am in Pulp!
(ps written by Katherine Sorrell, if she ever approaches YOU - work with her, she is a Gem!)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Made a quick Foxy patchwork cushion...

 I was sewing the other weekend and my daughter was at her Dads... i had missed her so much.
 So i whipped up a real quick foxy cushion simply using a stack of pre cut fabrics from the same collection then substituting a few of the squares for some foxy fabric.
Add on a few extras, of course...
 The birdy flap was to give the foxes something to chase!
And also because my girl likes to 'fiddle' with stuff when she is awake OR popping off to sleep.
Hope you approve x x x

Friday, 9 November 2012

*huh* It's in the trees... it's coming....

Searching through some old photos... i haven't had a play with the Camera for ages. I think maybe i am busy? and a bit too body conscious at the moment? i miss it. Maybe i shall go photograph some other interesting faces n bodies...?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Read some Interviews with some Crafty Stars!

It is noooooo secret that i love Lucie Summers:
She has plans to open a proper workshop studio conversion on her farmland - coooool!

I also think you guys will enjoy this:
Also the Lovely Laura Howard over at LUPIN is doing some great craft BOOK REVIEWS:
and when she does this so well, it means i can just refer you there!?
 x x x
Time to start letter writing to santa i think...

Monday, 5 November 2012

I am all about the honesty right now...

a note:
I am a person who likes to give and receive truthfulness.
I think people can handle the truth and they appreciate it.
You may even get what you want anyway, without the lying.
A good honest opinion is only helpful and refreshing, if it is ASKED FOR! and gently delivered.

I thaaaaaankK you x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Craft Shop News...

There has to be some Shop News... it cannot be all ponderings and philosophies..
So: £7 for 20 BOW BUTTONS in http://BigFish.etsy.com limited number just because i had stack of extra in stock for these colours...
**NEW** colour spotty buttons - soft Dove Grey spotties :) hooora!
Available in 100 bags at the moment... then they will be added to the standard 130 polka dot party button bag, but i will ne-name it the 140 bag... ya see what's happening there!?
AND... a few packets of these gorgeous Polka Dot Washi Tapes are in:
www.LovePaperFish.com (Hardware Section)
in a pack of 3 just because i was using some and thought they'd make a cute stocking filler if you guys n gals wanted any.
Gotta dash, because i have done far toooo much work today.
The sooner I: get to the gym, get in the spa, get home, eat masses AND put on my slippers... the sooner i can sit in a cozy chair, watch a DVD and do some sewing.
Every day has a finally tuned plan my friends - and that is how it alllll gets achieved!