Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brief Sunshine & a Pinata...

 A pinata - is something very pretty and colourful that costs over £10.00
There is a hole in the top that you can stuff with small toys and sweets and screwed up paper / foil and jokes and hats and stuff like that.
And then you have a large heavy stick and give that to a group of blindfolded children... once you have spun them around a few times... and stepped well back...
And then they bash it to pieces.
Honestly - the best fun we have had in AGES!! i highly recommend it.
 The other thing that i feel is worth saying is,
Paperchase do sell an awesome and unparalleld array of bright funky stationary and wrapping and stuffs.
All that pretty colour... why don't other shops sell great stuff like this??
And finally, in all this rain we have had this week.... in the 2 hours i  needed warm sunshine,
there it was...
and i think it was because i had been a very good girl. And SHE has been a very very good girl, and together we invited lots of good girls over, to help celebrate everbodys good-ness.

Conclusion: moments like these are precious (and exhausting) and fleeting.
Happy Birthday Baby xxx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Card Making with fabric scraps...

 I wanted to make a batch of cards for the local shop where i sell a few bits and pieces.
I start by cutting a block of fusible webbing and then iron on scraps of any fabrics that i feel like using.
 I would love to tell you that i plan all these out and have a good method of execution... but alas, i sort of wing it all! i have a vague idea / style in my head that i feel like making but mostly i like to see what happens.
I cut out lots of shapes from the fabric scraps - making sure the shapes will fit on a standard card.
 I put the cards and the fabric scraps all together at the same time - rtaher than making 'one card at a time' as it were. Then run them through the sewing machine to give them a scrappy look.
 I have pages of pre-printed sentiments, just from my PC...
then try and fit a sentiment to a scene. It seems to work itself out OK.
 And, if i feel it needs it, i will pop a wee button on the finished card.
 And then, when the cards are dry, i finish the back with the branding.
Pop them in a plastic card wallet with an envelope inside.
20 or so cards, ready for sale, made in an hour or two.
Easy rainy day project - why not make a batch for yourself? and then you have a stash of perfect cards for any occasion and people will think you are properly clever :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

You can never have too many...

 Off the top of my head, a Craft Monster can never have too many:
Letter Sets (PC Fonts are just not the same)
Vintage Trugs (endless uses for all stashing possibilities)
Baskets... all sizes
 Glass Jars and Pots (glass or plastic as long as they are transparent!)
Journals and sketchbooks
 Craft Books (ahem.)
Buttons (also, ahem.)
Baskets for all old scraps
Stickers and Labels
Cups of Tea! (ok, AND cake)
 Embroidery Silks
Coloured Pens - just because
Tape Measures (all over the house and in various handbags)
What else are we Crafters seriously in need of hoarding....?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Awesome new branding... Button stickers!!

Aren't they lovely? i am so pleased with these...

Sunday, 15 April 2012

It's ALL Jubilee and Olympic Crafts...

 And why not??
I love any excuse to make quirky stuff!!
 SO: what cool stuff can we make for the Fete's and fayres and parties and Children's workshops?
 Brooches - Bunting - Cards - Scrapbooks / scrapbook pages
 Guess how many Buttons in the jar competition - Chains - jewelery
 Posters - Themed Pet Collars - Bracelets - Mobiles - Invitaions
 Cake Toppers....
 London baby, has always had that edge of cool.
I'm not coming over all uber-patriotic here (note the ironic use of a German word in sentence about patriotism) But i am 'any excuse for a knees up' kind of a girl.
 We are organising a PARTY IN THE PARK in our village
which will involve bands playing and food late into the night
AND there will be a best-dressed Gazebo competition.
SO..... you know i've got my eye on making some extra amazing BUNTING especially.
 Word Up - Hazel, Mel, Girls.... i've got the bunting covered.
I'm thinking we want to get spray painting some old furniture and bits - let's go for a theme:
Alice in Wonderland does Jubilee Decs BIG styleee... with teaaaaa.....
Feel free to tell me what you are making / eating / drinking / decorating for the Jubilee weekend.
get organised!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Let it go... seriously, let it go...

                                                        Me: 2010

She said:
 “You must be so proud of everything you have become? Of all the things you have now? and all that you have achieved? You have come so far...”
And I replied:
“I haven’t become anything.
I have got 'less' than i had then...
I just let go of everything that wasn’t working for me. What it was that I didn't want to experience anymore.
I let go of so much rubbish and i am still letting it all go"
me: 2012

It is the Spring Clean mentally that this time of year brings on...
But i mean it.
If this doesn't work for you, fine. Call me a loser and move on to a different blog.
But as i get on with my life it has become so clear to me that i have been hanging on to stuff that has been weighing me down - bad habits, silly business decisions, negative thoughts, even the food i put into my mouth and my body, my garage full of boxes and 'memories'!!
What if i don't need them?
What if i just need to let so much of this stuff GO.
And this is the CLICK that has happend in my brain - to take stuff away from myself is actually the kindest and most liberating change i be/ do for myself.
Let - it - go

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Follow & Win.... it is that simple!

 IF you come to my blog...
and IF you become a follower...
and IF you want to win some nice stuff...
 Then that is a nice thing, right?
Come, see, read, think, like?
then 'Follow Me' and you will be entered in a draw
where you can win buttons and felt and maybe a book...
There will be MANY winners :)
Yes, multiple winners!
Beacuse i am kind and because my new blog needs building.
 x x x
Leave a comment and leave me your blog link?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Amazon trial....

 So.... The beautiful Craft Jourmal from Pip Lincolne has gone :(
But as i parcelled it up i realised how much i just love my books and journals....
 I often take a Craft reference book or Cookery book to my bed with me.
It is a lovely relaxing and inspiring way to end my day.
I never get tired of reading my favourite reference books over and over again.
So i am trialling this Amazon gadget - in which i can direct readers straight to Books (and other stuff) on Amazon, if you wanted to see about getting your own (when i have no more to giveaway *sniff*)
anyhow - here is a link to Pip's gorgeous journal on Amazon.
AND >>> i also have a SEARCH AMAZON box on my right side widgets, if you want to whizz off and look at Amazon yourself. Cool huh?

I am not here to just 'sell' you stuff but, IF I  think it's worth a look - i'll tell you about it :)
Thanks xxx

Want to Feeeel like Me right now?

 Would you like to feel like me? how i feel right now?
Why not, it might be fun, for a change...?
 Pop a jacket on - one with a nice tight band at the bottom.
Fill the jacket with knobbly big rocks....
Now find the top of a big tall hill.... and roll down it.
Then RUN home.
 Be excited in your head, that tomorrow you get to see your Sister :)
But a little bit worried that the dog seems a bit off his food today.
But pleased that you managed to walk him far today.
But worried that you have a great deal of paperwork to do :(
 And now sit in front of your computer doing useless stuff that is SOOOoooooo not a priority
(whilst listening to really loud TUNES on the i-player)
and, as your body starts to stiffen and seize up from all those injuries you incurred during that DUMB roll down a hill,
fill your head and chest with utter panic - that in 5 weeks, you are competing in THIS:
You see, you too can feeeeel like me...
Stiff, Sore, Tired, Panicked, Happy, Complete, Positive and a little Bonkers
Get your groove on people - the lighter days are here and it feels great to work out
(sort of...) x x x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Thrift-ish...

 OKAY - to say these were 'thrifted' would give completely the wrong impression.
i too, would love it, if i had been passing my local Charity Shop and this teapot had been snaffled up by me, for £2.00
Alas - this is not so.
It was thrifted, at some point, by somebody - and then they put it in their vintage Warehouse Unit...
and i bought it.
 Seriously, i do not know how i get through so many teapots...
I suspect i use VERY hot water and then, over time, i catch them and chip and the tea ends up seeping out from cracks that have found their way through the glaze.
Tis fair enough i suppose, they get used 2, 3, 4 times per day.
Heavy duty Tea Abuse = walk this way.
Anyhow, it is the perfect size, never been used and has a sort of barge look to it that i like muchly.
Sold to the lady with the crazy daughter doing precarious Ninja Kicks through the Vinatge wares *gulp*
 And then.... the hen....
I have looooonnngggg since had chicken envy of my friends 'proper thrifted' bird
And i knew this Easter i had to own my own.
She is perfect! and she will help us transport the amazing Easter Rocky Road
from my house - to their house - and present it in a deeply satisfying theatrical manner.
Huzzah for Hens!
 So, second-hand thrifted, not actually 'thrifted by me', but still the full joy of a vintage catch and the satisfaction that these items are being re-used, and appreciated in a new home.
Roll on Easter Day - i have been saving myself for a full on chocolate blow out!!
have a fresh one! x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

WINNER of the Pip Lincolne Journal....

 There was a long unfortunate delay in the pulling out of this WINNER!
Sorry for that but you know my cyber-life was turned upside down since the major hack occured....
 But i am so pleased to be sending this beautiful and inspirational journal to......::::
Anita J****!
Who bought some crafty stuffs from my shop
and that makes me happy as i have only ever had Etsy Customer winners before so Hooray for Anita.
 All wrapped and ready to go over to you Anita - you know where you are!!

And, how about i launch yet another fun giveaway...?
Keep your eyes on the blog because there is more Freebies to come.
You can enter *now* even if you don't know what you are entering in to win.
Simply by FOLLOWING my blog - becoming a follower, you will gain immediate entry into a full DRAW in which many people will win Craft Prizes.
Details to follow.... x