Friday, 22 February 2013

Quick Craft Ideas with buttons n Felt Balls

Very quick and easy ideas: Buy a pack of plain tags. I used these small-ish ones, just over an inch tall i think.
And you can whack a button on top. Then you have always got gift tags to hand for a bottle or a childs party.
 I have also made up packets of these and sold them as Gift Tags. 
You can buy all different sizes of tags. You can stamp them before hand or cover them in fabric (fuse on some webbing to the back of the fabric before gluing it down) then stock a button on top!
Here is a different version on the Button Brooches that we were making... scroll down a few posts below this one for the quick 'how to' a real piece of statement accessory.
 AND... i really wanted to show you what my friend Alison made with her buttons and felt beads.
the most brilliant light pull for her bathroom. She rocks. Great idea.
Make sure you sew alllll through the balls, and then sew alllll the way back through them from the bottom up - to make it very secure and reassuring to pull on.

Q & A.... Crafty Me...

 - i have no idea how these things work. I was tagged in a blog thingy. It might be like a ChainTag game but it was a 5 min fun, so this is the lady who tagged me....
These are my Questions that were set and my answers:
1. What is your favorite food to snack on?
Almonds - toasted in my oven for 20mins in raw cocoa, maple syrup, salt, coconut oil.
2. What is currently on your to-do list?
Work? clean and clear the websites up. Home? get ready for my overseas trip!!
3. Who is your celebrity crush?
Tom Hardy. Robert de Niro. Terry Hollands
4. What would others say your signature dish is?
Cheeky Others would say "anything with protein powder"!!.. and they'd probably be right.
5. Was there an outfit you always wore as a child? What did it look like?
6. What was your last Halloween costume?
7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who pick-on, ridicule, belittle others.
8. Name a skill you’ve always wanted to have.
I can learn anything i set my mind to. But i wished i'd kept up my Karate training.
9. What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?
Positive, energetic, happy, strong, Deep (as i was told, last week)10. What TV show can you watch over & over again without getting sick of it?
I could happily throw my TV off a very tall cliff, if it weren't bad for the environment or if i didn't love a film night.
11. Best book you’ve read lately?
"Born to Run"

IF you would like a little self-interview and you want to blog it, please do and link back to me to show me your answers. I am leaving 6 questions as 11 is quite a lot...
1. What is your favourite form of exercise?
2. What is your favourite Crafty pastime? what do you love making?
3. If you could re-name yourself, what name would you give!?
4. Tell me 3 of your favourite books / films?
5. What is your dream job?
6. Favourite smell or food?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Making your BIG Button, into a brooch...

 1. Do Not simply GLUE the brooch bar to the back of a plastic button / any button actually.
 2. Cut a circle of felt that is a touch smaller than the perimeter of your button.
3. Sew the brooch bar onto that using strong thread. I always sew with embroidery thread.
 4. Glue that to the back of the button - being careful not to let the glue seep through any holes in the button. I have layered / stacked these buttons for the Sailor Button Brooch.
Because it dries clear and flexible AND you can the nozzle small for tiny projects.
6. Leave to dry for hours and hours and hours!! WEAR WITH PRIDE x

Giant Button *Shop News*... and new products.

 Hallo Button n Craft Fans!
News on the BIGger Buttons.... so, the above spottys are being phased out and no longer sold.
So, if you want a few, please take advantage now. They make awesome Brooches if you want to make some for gifts and in my next blog post i will show you how to best adhere the brooch backs.
Buttons for a GIANT!
 - i have been in-undated with requests for more colours - your wish is my command!
In the next week or so we get: Midnight, Ivory, Mint, Rose, Poppy, ermmm Pumpkin...
Keep your eyes peeled on here and FB, i'll let you know.

 I also have some sets coming of 1inch clown pairs in lush modern colourways.
AND a new BLUE for the shop called 'Cool Pool' - so bloomin gorgeous.
Some SPOTTY SCOTTIE!!!! OH. MY.GOSH - stand by Ali Stewart.
There is a new stack of wool blend felt coming, also in Cool Pool colours.
*new colours* for the Beach Huts stripes....
AND Blog tutorials on lots and lots of stuff.
I know. I really am finding the mojo again!

SHOPS are all on HOLIDAY: 5th - 17th March 2013
so all orders for 'i neeeeed those' must be placed before then x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Letter to my Dear Friend

 Dear Friend,
Dearest friend! Most dear dear funny, wise, beautiful friend!!
I am so very sorry.
I think i *blinked* and time whizzed by...
 When did they get tall and leggy?
When did we get laughter lines and worry about aging skin?
When did we get so very busy?
When was the last time we got drunk on Prosecco? Tequila? Conversation and laughter?
When did WE last tease your husband about a kinky threesome? 
 I miss you.
Thank goodness we don't fall out on FaceBook or take each other for granted.
You are my Lobster. My girl Valentine!
My friend.
Funny Old Us x x x x

Felt Ball Christmas Garland.. (start now!)

so: this photo was pinched from here:
and they pinched it from here:
Source: via NTCreations on Pinterest

Ya huh!!! i know we are a bit Christmassy here for Mid Feb but come ON - that is a pretty awesome use of some felt balls.. and felt in general.
This Blog has some great tutorials x also, i need that long to get this finished (see comments xxx)

Monday, 11 February 2013

How to Craft great things with Felt Balls!

Yeehhhhaaaa - The lovely Laura Howard aka LUPIN
This is her tutorial for a felt Xmas stocking. She has used many supplies available over in my Etsy shops n LovePaperFish (as well as her own!)  BUT what i want to talk about is...
How to Craft with lovely Felt Balls! Look how awesome they make the detailing of this stocking. I love how they dangle at the side with the pom-poms.
Do you have a tutorial? Blog Link? Image? Idea you want to share?
Then send them to me and lets talk about how great these furry little balls of colour, can be.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Being Mindful - Making smaller decisions...

Its been turning over in my head - this idea of 'being mindful' - being more in the moment, giving it all my attention...
 Any mum / parent will know what i mean. racing around trying to do too many things all at once. Carrying child, bags, recycling, car keys, dog on lead... all out the front door at once. Why do we even do that? Because i have come to the conclusion that i would work more effectively and waste no extra time if i did each of those tiny jobs - separately, with my full mind on each individual task. Then the empty recycling cartons won't leak down my top, and the dog won't pull so hard i drop the car keys... and the child is more settled because she has my attention and not my stress.
And, for me, i think it has become more fundamental than just in my everyday tasks.
Being mindful - to make a choice to do.
I am finding it calmer to think like this. To break my life down into the tiniest little chunks and give it my full attention. 
I am wondering if you have all being doing this for so long? and i have taken THIS long to catch up?
Or are you still one of those people who kinda enjoys the chaos of a House Exit with major multi-tasking and food stained clothing? (i salute you if that IS you)
And yes, exercise / weight training / running has bought me closer to the mindset of breaking life's tasks down into small achievable goals. 
Being in that moment and completing the task. 
NOT being so overwhelmed by the entirety of life that i get panicky and cannot see how on earth i will GET IT ALL DONE!! 
And when i think about this, i see how it can apply to all areas of my life.
My Diet: being mindful of what am i eating. Will this food make me stronger and healthier? If not, put it down. Eat something better. Be kinder to your body.
My Training: being mindful of the exercise. Pick up the weight with full tension and control, then put it down. Breaking each movement apart. Concentrate on what is needed.
My Family: choose to spend time with them, and spend that time with them. No i-phone, No half listening, Just drinking tea / eating dinner and being with them.
My Work: Do each individual task on its own and finish it. Then move on.
My Craft: Each stitch, each cut, each colour choice, mindful of them in that moment and nothing else.
And i hope, for me, that each day is slower and calmer. Less hectic. Less injury. More energy. More productive. Higher self-esteem. Slower but stronger.
Being Mindful.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

SALE DAY .... today 8am-8pm

We are all about the craziest of bonkers today.
8am - 8pm
 Come grab a bargain and join the craft shopping frenzy.
FREEUK at checkout / FREEUK1 at SnowFish checkout

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tuesday is almost here - SALE DAY for Craft supplies...

 It has come around so quick!
I remember last year was really sunny and my convo's were buzzing.
What is up for sale is what IS - no asking me "do you got 10 bags of these £1 sale bags....?"
I might, but they will go up throughout the day so everybody gets a piece of the sale pie, whether they shop at 9am or 2pm. Fair is Fair.
 The red buttons up the top are a SALE BAG.
Most sale bags are just 1 or 2 bags like that. Not loads, so get them if you see them (if you want them!)
These are a dark dark denim blue that are actually a deep purple in good light. I have maybe 4 of these bags of 50. I won't be adding them to my Polka Dot bags as i am happy with what we've got there already. But these will be up for grabs if you limited edition special colour to play with.
 Another example of button bags that will be in the sale day.... Lovely dusky light pink doll buttons in 1inch.
And these will be in the sale... ever wanted to play with 100% lambswool felt?
It isn't what you might imagine at all.
These small sample sets come in 6 different 5x5 squares, each a different colour. The colours are not at all shaded or subtle but very deep. I don't like this stuff at ALL compared to the wool blend felt i already sell. BUT this 100% natural and very thick, so have a play if you are a felt fan.

TUESDAY 5th 8am - 8pm
FREEUK at Checkout means free postage on all UK orders
In each ETSY shop of mine